Recommended Apps for Travel


1.) Triposo

What it is: Two ex-Google executives decided to form their own company and the result is Triposo, an application with more than 100 travel guides for your next vacation. The app recommends the most popular places in your destination, offers tips on local culture and works even without an Internet connection. This is a relief for travelers who want to avoid high roaming costs.

How much: Free. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.


2.) Navionics

What it is: If you want to sail your boat, use Navionics, an app that will guide you on the high seas, that will announce the movement of wind, water depth and weather to be able to prevent any storm that affects your trip.

How much: $9.99. Available for Android and iPhone.

3.) Fancy

What it is: If you need a simple and straightforward translation between 30 languages, you can use Fancy. This app is designed exclusively for BlackBerry that has categories, so you can start a small conversation in new languages.

How much: Free. Available for BlackBerry.


4.) Bed and Breakfast

What it is: If you do not have a place to stay, in the next London Olympics, “Bed and Breakfast” will give you a list of the best hotels in the country where you can have a place to rest and have breakfast the next morning (as the name suggests).

How much: Free. Available for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.



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