Preparing Your Home for Spring



It may seem like winter lasts forever, but in most parts of Canada, it’s over and gone in 4-5 months. That means those April showers and spring flowers are on the way, and it is time once again to freshen up your home.

Here are some projects you should undertake when the snow finally melts and spring is in the air:

Spring Cleaning

This is the big one for most people. When it is cold and gloomy, cleaning often falls by the wayside. However, a wonderful way to freshen up your home is to give it a good cleaning. Studies actually show that you are happier and less stressed in a clean and organized environment.

Don’t just throw things in the garbage. Recycle where appropriate and donate other items that are still in good shape. You can also put aside objects for a garage sale.

Fix Up Your Exterior

Winter winds, moisture, and even salt sprayed up from the road and driveway can take a toll on your home’s exterior. Perform repairs where needed (watch especially for cracks and other openings that could allow vermin to get inside) and decide whether this is the year that you give the house a fresh coat of paint.

Check Your HVAC System

It is common for homeowners to thoroughly check their furnace before winter starts, but what about the air conditioner? Don’t you want to make sure it is in working order when you need it? If your A/C does need repairing, it will be faster and cheaper to deal with it now than in the dog days of summer.

Clean Your Windows

When doing that spring clean, don’t forget your windows. Do both the inside and outside; you will likely be surprised by how much nicer the view is without that accumulated layer of grime.

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