Prepare Your Skin for the Summer Vacation

There are lots of people, blogs and sites that will tell you that tanning under the sun is a lot better than spending time under the sunbed lamps. And anything natural is most often indeed better than most things manmade. But that does not mean that it is always true and tanning at saloon and using tanning beds or spray tan can be at times better for some of us than the natural way.

Here are 5 reasons why you rather tan at a saloon than on the beach.

Tanning indoors makes you more responsible when it comes to skin protection and overall health. This might be a result of the fact that you are overly conscious that you are using tanning beds and hence take extra precaution or the use of tanning lotion the right way. But studies suggest that indoor tanners are far better at taking care of their skin than those on the beach.

Tanning indoors at a saloon or even having a tanning bed at home (If you can afford that), allows you to have softer and younger looking skin. Pre-tan lotions and moisturizers after tan, which are often used by indoor tanners along with healthy UVB radiation helps in this cause.

Indoor tanners can measure the exact amount of tanning that they get and there is absolutely no chance of over-exposure. Since those on the beach will most likely all day under the sun, they will not have either any control on the amount of tan or its intensity. Using a tanning bed that sports timers, you can accurately get both.

Faster results in a more controlled and definite fashion is what indoor tanning promises. You can get the exact look you want for that ‘special night’ and plan for it perfectly using indoor tanning. That is something that time under the sun cannot deliver.

Indoor tanners can get time under the ‘light’ all year long and at all times. Hitting the beach in your exact window of free time is not always possible. Also the use of bronzers and tanning lotions along with consistent time on sunbeds helps maintain that bronze look all throughout the year.

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