Plitvice lakes in Croatia


Plitvice lakes are the oldest and largest national park in Croatian and it is one of the oldest national parks in Europe. This national park is famous for the lakes, which are divided in cascades, the lakes are 16 in number, and they are all connected. The order of the lakes it’s a result for the manybeautiful waterfalls. There are large waterfalls that drain one lake and fill the next, than another waterfall goes to the next lake. There is an interconnection of lakes and waterfalls, a mixture of green and blue and white, and the sound of water running and dripping, all of this makes the visit of Plitvice lakes, a memorable and breathtaking experience. There are many endemic species here, both in flora and fauna, the lakes are full of fish, frogs and there are many different bird species.

You have probably guessed till now that hiking and walking are the main attractions in the region. Routes for tourists are well established and there is much to see. There is large area for a picnic where you can find various food stands. There are also well placed restaurants, that serve trout, deer, lamb and other local specialties. At the beginning of the park, at the main entrance, there are snack shops and souvenirs shops, there is also a travel agency, where you can organize your stay. There are some hotels at the entrance of the park, that are mostly oriented into attracting the older tourists.If you are into something cheaper there are many locals renting rooms, some of which offer food too, at much lower price. A camping zone is also present at a nearby city, used by tourists visiting the lakes, there you can camp amidst the trees or on the hill with a magnificent view.

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