Payot Spa, Phuket

Heading to Thailand for total relaxation? Then head to the new Payot Spa. It is located in the heart of a Zen garden of the new Maison de Beauté Payot Spa, Phuket, Thailand, in the exclusive ClubMed Resort. An oasis of elegance and relaxation, it was recently renovated by interior designers, Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet. The Resort boasts sleekness and sophistication.
In Payot Spa, therapists use the unique and customized gestures to restore the beaut, harmony, and the fundamental balance between body and spirit. They aim to heal the soul, by combining the best of herbal medicines to the techniques of manipulation of the body and face. The spa features seven cabins for for treatment. They also have a walk-in treatment, a Jacuzzi, two infinity pools, and two boxes for herbal steam baths.

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