Destinations from Our Dreams

There is a reason why these destinations are called destinations from the fairytales. With every step they will astonish you with their beauties.

Hoi an, Vietnam


It is located on the coast of the South Chinese Sea and it confirmed by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. Hoi an, is an important historic place and presents the South-East Asian Culture from the 15th – 19th century. The white sand beaches and the warm weather attract many tourists.


This beautiful ice island is one of the biggest in the world. The whole place is frozen and cold during the whole year, but nevertheless its landscapes are fantastic and with amazing houses in many different colors.

Kathmandu, Nepal


This city is surrounded with the Himalayas which contribute for the whole amazing atmosphere. The city is full with antique temples and play very important spiritual role, while the archeologists found many proves for ancient civilizations. Katmandu is one of the most interesting cities in the region.


This historical city in Portugal is not very far from Lisbon. The romantic architecture from the 19th century and its amazing nature makes Sintra magnificent place to visit. The palate Pena attracts most of the tourists, because this place is like a heaven.

Colmar, France


This small city is located in the north part of France and with a population of 65000 citizens it is a destination full of piece and joy.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is natural miracle, but also very important cultural and historic place. It is a symbol of the fairy chimneys which were formed by the rocks itself. People here made their homes inside them.

Venice, Italy

Venice is a place that you must visit. The islands are connected with bridges and the canals are used as streets. This renaissance city is one of the main cultural centers in Europe. St. Marco basilicas are one to best in Italy.

Business Travel

Business Travel in New Youk

Most of the people the travel in New York for business, don’t really know where to go, stay and most important they don’t know how to enjoy their business trip. That is why we give you few suggestions how can you enjoy your business trip in New York. If you ever go to New York you will realize that this is a place where you can do many thing and visit thousands of amazing places, so we cannot describe you everything here, but we will show you the place for people who come here for business.


The Fitzpatrick Grand Central Hotel is a very beautiful place, a hotel for business travelers; it is located on a quiet street right against the Grand Central Station. This hotel makes you feel like you are in Ireland and it is with very pleasant and friendly crew and very neat and clean rooms. The best thing here in this hotel is the small opened inside yard with heaters; you can stay outside even in the middle of the winter and have few drinks.

The Affinia Shelburne Hotel in New York is very suitable for business travelers which want to stay in Marry Hill. This hotel offers personalized services, room service and it is located near the Grand Central and the Penn Station.

The Carlton Hotel is located on the 88 Madison avenue in New York. This hotel is for people who seek big rooms in the middle of New York City. The interior is very classy with amazing old furniture’s and have the best services. The restaurant of the hotel is placed in the lobby and has very high rates from people who have been here. It is very comfortable and nice.


Online FIR System in Pakistan.

The motivation behind this centralized FIR system was, for once, this disrupted police departments of ours and the amount of difficulties common men have to face because of this mismanagement. Secondly, the implement of such kind of system, not exactly the same, by our KPK’s newly established government is in its infancy, which we suggest, should be made the generalized system all over the Pakistan .legal_meaning

The advantages of this system, is the surety that the complaint will go the authorities directly and the complaint number will signify the getting back later to report process, will even make it easier and approachable. Leaving the present unorganized system far behind with it’s foolproof privacy until the case reaches media. It will make the relation between the legal authorities and common citizen, much more reliable, stronger and dependable. Any flaw in the prosecution will be outlined at its occurrence, leaving the monetary bribes in the persecution of the offended party with a question mark. Or any unpredicted turn of events against the victim will be outmatched at the beginning as the official online FIR record will aid in the case follow up. It will help police stations to communicate or to look for the cases that are being forwarded to them by other zones. Any misunderstanding or intended delay will be avoided. It will help the reporter to submit their case at home, at ease with the surety of being recorded. All in all, this system will help improve the present judicial mayhem and it will help serving the justice to every righteous needy of it.

Air Travel

Travel sickness

Motion or travel sickness is very common and can make you feel extremely sick or vomit. It is caused by repeated unusual, uncomfortable movements, usually when travelling by car, boat, plane or train. For an effective treatment, medicines should be taken before the journey is started.

Motion sickness can caste a spell over a family holiday, but there are ways to cope up with that.

Most of us have suffured with travel sickness. People of all age have went through it and they are like “I feel sick”. Travel sickness can occur if you travel in cars, aeroplanes or any other vehicle.

Motion sickness or travel is believed to affect 20 million Britons, with symptoms including dizziness, tinnitus, headache, nausea and vomiting.

One could get rid of this travel sickness by distrcting themselves or by indulging in doing some other activities. We can even try to take children’s minds off it by getting them to play games, listen to music, having food to eat and look out of the window. Chewing a gum could also helps as it reduces the chances of tinnitus and ginger helps reducing nausea. Or one could even distract his or her mind by reading. Motion sickness is common, usually in females and children.

Now there are some ways through which we can prevent travel sickness:

Keep motion to a minimum.

Sit by the windows.

Inhale fresh air if possible.

Try distracting yourself.

Try to sleep.

Do not look at the moving cars.

Avoid heavy meals during meals.

Some medicines used for motion sickness may cause drowsiness as an adverse effect. Just in case the practical approch fails then one should visit a doctor.



What to pack in a backpack?

Thinking of travelling light or going on a backpacking trip? The first question that comes to mind after deciding your destination is what to pack. Or more importantly, “What not to pack?”

First rule of backpacking is  to keep it simple and small. You don’t want to carry  most of your wardrobe, or fill it up with gadgets that wont work in the country you are visiting. Cut out the things you think might be important but really aren’t. Instead of filling your backpacks with stuff you will almost never use, fill it up with the most important things that you need to travel!

A pair of Tee shirts or Polo shirts or one each will almost always suffice. A long sleeved shirt will also come in handy. Keep two pairs of trousers, plenty of socks  and underwear. Remember to keep a hat or cap depending on the climate of the region.

ATM and credit cards and some emergency cash along with important documents packed in a zip-lock are universally important. So are  First Aid kits with important medications and washing materials.

Do not pack yourself a ton of gadgets. Cellphones/smartphones, cameras, a torch, with their respective batteries, chargers and plug adapters,memory cards are the only important gadgets you need to pack.

If you need to travel a lot, make sure you get a compact, light weight and a sturdy backpack you can carry easily without discomfort! Keep everything safe with a padlock and have a safe trip!


Arches National Park


If you are an outdoor person and are looking for an outdoor adventure then Arches National Park is a great place to visit. Situated in Utah, United States, it is one of the world greatest collection of geological structures.

It is famous for its arches and has more than two thousand of these geological wonders. Most famous of which is the Delicate arch.

These arches are made up of sandstone and have bearded thousands of years of climate change. Apart from its famous arches, the National Park also contains balanced rocks and pinnacles. All of these with amazingly diverse texture and colors.

The Arches National Park is home to many animals and birds. Desert bighorn sheep, Cottontail rabbit and Kangaroo rat are among the animals found. Rattle snakes are also found in the park, so use caution.

If you plan to visit Arches National Park, be sure to equip yourself well for the journey. Keep plenty of water as it gets very hot in the summers. Staying on the hiking trail is a good idea, as it will not only help preserve the cryptobiological soil and will keep you safe from dangerous animals.

Make sure you see the Delicate Arch, Wolfe Ranch, Petrified Dunes, and the double arch while you visit.

Rock Climbing, Hiking and photography are some of the things you can do in Arches National Park. There is only one designated campground in the park namely Devil’s Garden Campground and you should make a reservation before arriving.

Arches National Park is a destination you should opt for if you are into geology and rock formations!


Why Hanoi is Also worth Visiting besides Saigon


When most people think of Saigon is more worthy to visit than Hanoi, they may not be aware of Hanoi’s hidden treasures. Stepping in at Hanoi for the first time will give an exotic Asia’s impression. Hanoi hosts rich cultures and heritages as every tourist can witness them through so many historical sites which have ancient architecture. Amazingly, they are all well-preserved, unlike other historical places in most third world countries. This city is also the center of cultural activities that Vietnam really boasts. Dance performances, music, puppetry are only to name a few of art shows which are worth everyone’s time.

Try exploring each corner of Hanoi and its neighborhood. You will be amazed on how the Old Quarter, a city on Hanoi’s neighborhood, can remind you those old movies showing streets maze. This city hosts Communal Houses. They are temples which were manufactured for honoring a god named Bach Ma. Yet, there are still some other temples to explore and it is better to have guidance from travel agents because such unique information may not be available through the World Wide Web.


Nightlife in Hanoi is also worth spending as everyone can choose among theater, opera, water puppetry and other traditional Vietnamese art shows. Those shows usually perform myths and folklores of Vietnamese. Yet, keep in mind that a nightlife is still a nightlife. Bars and restaurants which serve beers and other kinds of liquors are the main attractions in this vibrant city. Try bia-hoi, a local drink which can give excellent sensation.

The same thing applies to main menus in Hanoi in which almost all of them are too tempting to miss. You will be surprised why there are so many restaurants or smaller cafés are always flocked. One of the most recommended menus is pho, a bowl of noodle soup that everyone can enjoy with beef or chickens in forms of slices, along with bean sprouts in fresh taste. Those who prefer spicy culinary adventure will adore fry-up spicy fish, cha ca.


Business Travel

Make Yourself Convenient during Your Business Travel

Businesspeople Greeting at Conference

There are always hassles in every business travel and nobody can avoid it. Fully booked hotels reservations, delayed flights and missing stuff are only to name a few hassles. This article is going to discuss some of several tips in making business travel as a great experience with much easier steps.

First of all, it is better to make the most of credit cards for several transactions. This is much better as compared in using ATM cards. This is because most banks always charge very high fees. This can save much because some credit cards also offer special rates for certain exchanges. Besides, it is much saver in making purchase through credit cards because there are always policies in safe shipping if we want to buy some souvenirs.

Well, if it is impossible to use credit cards, ATM cards can be helpful. This is a better alternative than exchanging currencies at the airport or hotels. Withdrawing some cash through ATMs is much better because you will get reasonable rates without any fee for exchange transaction. Benefits that you can get from withdrawing money through ATM is that you can manage your money by withdrawing as much as you need instead of bringing too much cash. Besides, exchanging through banks can reduce much of your time.

There are always hassles in business travels especially when you travel through third world countries. Convenience can be the last thing you can get because public places are mostly average, if not worse. Unless you stay at five-star hotels, you should be ready with several hassles in enjoying public amenities. When it comes to public transportation, you can only get your privacy by hiring taxis. It is fine to hire limousines or taxis in executive classes as you still can afford it, thanks to the low rate of currency on most third world countries.


Caring for Your Dog’s Fur

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Keeping a dog is a great responsibility. Caring for its needs, keeping up with its health, playing with it daily, and developing a strong bond with your pet is extremely necessary. However, there is one thing more that you should consider if you have a dog with fluffy fur.
Though they look cute and plump, but dog furs are not easy to handle.
Try the following given tips that would help keep your dog’s coat look clean and even, so that you do not end up seeing a bushy dog daily.

The changing texture or color:

One important thing that you must keep in mind is that any change in your dog’s fur or coat could indicate some problem with its nutrition. Hence, do check for it first.

The routine checking:

After you come home with your pet, having an enjoyable play time, do check its fur for any kind of dust, or parasite such as flea or tick.
Your routine checking must also comprise of the dandruff check. Dandruff in dog’s fur can be caused due to any skin issue, and you must consult a vet for that.

Brushing dog’s hair:

Your dog needs to get rid of shredded dead hair daily, so as to prevent the formation of mats. Brushing the fur is also healthy for your dog as it cleans the coat thoroughly.

Getting rid of sticky gums:

Your dog’s fur can be an attractant and storage for all the items you do not even want in your house, such as tiny twigs, leaves, and chewing gum.
Pulling out sticky gums from its coat can be done with the help of ice cubes. Just apply some ice on the gum, and once frozen, pull it off gently.


Keeping a Dog

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This week, let s learn something about keeping a dog at your home. Just like cats, dogs also need lots of care and attention, and you must be fully prepared before having one.
Dogs can be great companions, and they are really playful. However, you must assure that you care them the way they actually require.
Different breeds of dogs need different kind of care. One cannot be sure of the exact cause of their pet’s weird behavior.

The Health Aspect- Vet for your pet:

Regarding pets, nothing should be more important than the health of the animal. Sudden behavioral changes as well as changes in the activities of your dog can be noticed when it is facing a health decline.
Find a good and reliable vet for your pet and make sure you make regular trip to the clinic as per the doctor’s advice.
Ask the vet about how you can develop an effective relation with your dog, which is yet another important aspect.

Nutrition- High quality dog food:
You must never compromise on the nutritional needs of your dog. An improper diet shows its impact through the animal’s fur, coat and skin. Its energy level and gut are also highly affected if the nutritional intake is not adequate.
After selecting the food, watch your dog’s behavior and reaction, as well as for its skin or fur, so as to check whether the food suits or not.
However, if you are giving the right kind of food to your dog, then a decrease in its energy level can indicate some sort of illness. In that case, take your pet to the doctor.


Why Christchurch Remains as the Best Destination in New Zealand


Everyone knows New Zealand but not all of them know how beautiful Christchurch is. The charm of this southern city of NZ becomes one of the best destinations among other popular cities in Europe. Located on the Canterbury Plains border, this wonderful place is charming as it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and ranges of hills.

Christchurch is a big city that hosts several important activities from business, education and pleasure. The downtown accommodates the needs of those who want to enjoy the well-equipped shopping districts along with vibrant cafés, restaurants and nightlife. Nobody should miss walking along the downtown to browse around for great stuff for souvenirs. Garden City is what millions of tourists are familiar with when it comes to travel to New Zealand.

Though Christchurch is famous among many tourists with its magnificent Garden City, there still some other places which are worth visiting like The Avon River—with its charming central city topography. Hagley Park is the gem of the Garden City. Containing more than four hundred acres, it hosts tree plantings which are well-managed, walkways with excellent design in passing the river. There are also golf courses and sports fields. Nobody should miss even each corner of the Garden City.

Skiing or whale watching is what adventurers need to witness because they are also the reasons why everyone is visiting Christchurch. There are still some other challenging activities like kayaking, bungee jumping and other activities for those who need to pump their adrenaline. What makes it more amazing is that Christchurch is two-hour away from the international airport of New Zealand. Where on earth that you are going to find challenging outdoor adventures within such close distances from the place you arrive and departure.  Just choose among activities like wind surfing, go rafting, hot-air ballooning, mountain biking and enjoying gardens with one of the most wonderful wineries.

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