The World’s Original Beach


How is that nature manages to combine colors and shapes in a way that even we find it hard to imagine? This question may arise when we look at pictures of the coast of the island of La Digue, the fourth largest island in the archipelago of Seychelles.

In Seychelles, there are beautiful and idyllic tropical beaches. But on the La Digue island, the beaches are unique. The rocks eroded in a manner that is so masterly, that it turns the landscape into a kind of masterpiece and a carved marvel. What makes this more beautiful is that it is combined with tones ranging from the turquoise sea, white sands and the lush green tropical vegetation.


The Venice of the North


We know that Holland is a country where the channels are no rarity. In fact, Amsterdam is known as the city of canals.

However there is a small Dutch town (maybe not so well known among the great attractions of the country) which is known as the Venice of the North, or the “Venice of Holland”. This is called Giethoorn, in the province of Overijssel.

In fact, until not so long ago, it was completely free of cars and there was no other way to get around except by boat.



The Charm of Brittany Village


In Brittany, there are places with a special charm. For example, there is Josselin, with fairways, quiet streets, flowers in every window, and of course, a castle that crowns all views and angles.

The village of Brittany is located in Josselin, France. If you are in search of a place that is beautiful and serene, then this would be the perfect location.

You can listen to the flowing water, the sound of birds, sip coffee on the side streets and smell the fresh air in French style.




The City that Inspired Disney


A low profile and ancient medieval imperial city turned into a world famous tourist attraction.

Rothenburg is located in the state of Bavaria, whose appearance is inspiring and romantic. This place has been an inspiration from the Disney film, “Pinnocchio”.



The Twin City by a Bridge


The Stari Most bridge seems the perfect link across the river in the old town in the city of Mostar. In addition, the bridge is the symbol of reconciliation, that was being rebuilt after the war in Bosnia. The bridge represents the union between the two cultures that divided the city. In the pictures, and from all angles, the Stari Most bridge is very beautiful.



The Beautiful Terraces in Ubud


Near the town of Ubud on the island of Bali, Indonesia, are some of the rice paddies and terraced fields that are very beautiful. These landscapes are the most beautiful in Bali, if not the most beautiful in the world.

According to Howard Hillman, he said that there are many photogenic landscapes of terraced mountains, but none is like the Ubud area and its environment.

The land is of emerald green in color, and the views are unmatched in any of the viewpoints from terraced mountains and valleys dotted with palm trees.



The Waimangu Valley in New Zealand


The Waimangu Valley is known as the Inferno Crater, with an incredible turquoise crater with steam, which alerts the name of the unreliability of the water.

The look of the place is fresh and calming. The Waimangu Valley is found in New Zealand.

Tourists can take hikes, self guided walks or guided eco tours through the world’s youngest geothermal system.  The Waimangu Valley in New Zealand is 20 minutes south of Rotorua.




Gaps in the Nevado de Toluca, Mexico


The crater of an extinct volcano in the state of Mexico, which is 4,690 meters in the middle of a bleak landscape, endures two freshwater lagoons separated by a lava dome.

This volcano is located 22 kilometers from Toluca. It has a turquoise lake that is surrounded by brownish and grayish land. This volcano is one of the favorite spots among tourists.



The Doinyo Lengai Volcano in Tanzania


Inside the Great Rift Valley, there are numerous geological curiosities. Among them is the Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, a volcano of “washed white”, that is unique in the world for its ejecting lava that flows like water.

The lava’s temperatures are “only” 590° C (which in the temperature range of Volcanic lava is quite “cold”).

The beauty of the volcano is not only by its particular lava flow that takes on a target in its gullies and crevices, but also for its spectacular cone of 1,600 m from its base in the middle of a plain where the Masai live.




The Pacaya Volcano


The Pacaya volcano remains in its eruptive state since 1965. In fact, this is the most active volcano in Central America, at least in the last five centuries, where there were about 23 eruptions that occurred.

Since 2006, the eruption has been intensified to create multiple streams of lava flowing from its slopes, attracting thousands of tourists.


The Idyllic Crater in Japan


The Masyuko is a volcanic crater that is formed in a lake in the Akan National Park on the island of Hokkaido, Japan.

The Masyuko is surrounded by steep walls up to 200 meters high, and is one of the deepest in Japan, as well as one of the clearest in the world.

Although it is believed that the transparency has varied in recent years, it is the most transparent lake in the world, beating the Lake Baikal.