The Barolo Palace



This wonderful building in Buenos Aires is a mixture of styles: neo-romantic, neo-Gothic and Indian-style dome. All its architectural references are in honor of the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri.

The Barolo Palace was completed in 1923. With 100 meters high, this was set in a National Historic Landmark. Up in the lighthouse on the 22nd floor, you can experience the best views in the entire Buenos Aires, with dramatic focus to the Congress and the Casa Rosada.


Church of the Blessed Sacrament




Retiro has its epicenter in the Plaza San Martin, a beautiful park on a hill overlooking the English Tower, which is another icon of Buenos Aires. In this busy area of Buenos Aires, one must pay great attention to this church in 1039 San Martin Street. This is the church of the Blessed Sacrament which was consecrated in 1916.

If you have trouble finding it, do not despair. This church was ordered to be built by a woman of rank in Buenos Aires. This church has been overshadowed by the Kavanagh building. This church has a story behind of a fight between two wealthy families.

As the story goes, the Anchorena lived in the San Martin Palace with 150 servants. The Kavanagh on the other hand, was a powerful family as well. When two members of each family fell madly in love, marriage was prohibited by Anchorena and thus, ordered the construction of a building whose only purpose was to prevent the view from the palace to Anchorena church.

Today, the church keeps its beauty with its eclectic style and is still considered one of the most luxurious of the city of Buenos Aires. But due to the vicissitudes, it has remained a hidden corner.





The New Seven Wonders of the Modern World


1. The Taj Mahal was built by order of the Muslim emperor, Shah Jahan, in honor of his favorite wife, who died giving birth to their fourteenth child. This succession of buildings were erected between the years 1631 to 1654 through the efforts of 20,000 colozal workers. It is undoubtedly the jewel in the city of Agra , India.

2. The Chichen Itza  in Yucatan , Mexico, is one of the major archaeological sites of the peninsula and the first of the New Seven Wonders of the World in America. This became a witness in the time when the Mayan began to lose its power. The area is a World Heritage Site since 1988.

3. The Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro took four years to build, and has the best record: no one died during construction, a rarity in those days. Opened in 1926, the Christ the Redeemer is a Herculean work of engineering, architecture and sculpture.

4. Another new wonder of the modern world is in South America: the Machu Picchu. The Machu Picchu is the citadel of the Incas and a gem of architecture and engineering, set in an incredible scenery in Peru. Erected in the mid-fifteenth century on the eastern slopes of the central Andes, it is visited and captured in photos by thousands of tourists each year.

5. The Great Wall of China is an ancient fortification designed to protect the borders from invasion. This was built and rebuilt between centuries BC V and XVI. Today, it only retains 30% of what it was. It is 8,851 kilometers long, extending from the border with Korea to the Gobi Desert.

6. The Colosseum is the only one of the seven wonders in Europe. Located in the center of Rome, it is the symbol of the old classic that remains from the first century when it was built by the Roman Empire. It was originally called Flavian Amphitheatre, but was popularized as Colosseum, by the Colossus of Nero, which is a large statue that was located next to it. The Coliseum is also a wonder, and one of the most photographed monuments in the world.

7. Petra, in Jordan, was the ancient capital of the Nabataean Kingdom. The beauty of the city was literally carved and sculpted in stone. In the middle of a narrow valley, the Petra settlement extends from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba.


The Corripo Village in Switzerland


Corippo is in Locarno in Switzerland. It’s basically a bunch of gray stone houses and black slate roofs in the slopes of the mountain. The image of this charming village does not stop anyone to wonder. Why? This is because the village is inhabited by 12 people only. Corripo was declared the smallest municipality in Switzerland.

Corippo is located in the Valle Verzasca, Locarno, 12 kilometers north of the Lake Vogorno. Close to this charming town, you come to the border with Italy (20 km).

The rustic houses, for that matter, are built with beautiful local granite called Ticino. The houses are still maintained the same as they looked several centuries ago. The Church of the Blessed Virgin Annunciata in the 17th century was so exquisite, that it had to be protected as a World Heritage Site. The title was given in 1975.

So hard to reach, the decline in its population has always been one of the biggest problems here. The bulk of the population loss has occurred in the last 150 years when it lost 94% of the total.


The Chatuchak Market in Bangkok


If there is a city in Asia where costs are not blowing the budget for purchases, this is, without doubt, Bangkok. Even Lady Gaga who just landed in the Thai capital recently, created a media storm when she tweeted about the desire of purchasing a fake Rolex.

Well, who has not heard of the weekend market in Chatuchak (or JJ’s for the locals) and its nearly 15,000 stalls? Chatuchak is a universe where visitors and locals come to shop, eat, get a massage or a drink. It is good way to spend the day and see the best of Bangkok, which is concentrated in its 27 sections. Here, you can find almost everything: clothes, household items, body oils, animals, furniture and local art.

To get there, take the subway to Kamphaeng Phet Station, Exit 2 leaves you in the center of the market. Slip by section 26 and zigzags up the first cross street. Keep going until you can turn right and you’ve reached the area of the dishes.


The Green Door




Oddly enough, the hip place to the city is behind a door with no sign. Find a green door, something broken in Ivar Avenue in Los Angles. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be partying with some major Hollywood celebrities.

The Green Door is one of the most fashionable bars in the City of Angels. Faces like Mischa Barton, Eva Mendes and Leonardo DiCaprio have come to this place until the morning. This place is usually packed, so be sure to reserve a table if you want a sure entry.





The Brooklyn Bridge




The Brooklyn Bridge in New York is one of the most popular bridges in the entire world. This bridge has a total length of 1,825 meters with 145,000 cars that pass by it daily. Although it has a short title of the largest suspension bridge in the world, it has always been a cultural icon and backdrop for many films such as Saturday Night Fever or Tarzan.

Designed by John Augustus Roebling, the Brooklyn Bridge was the first steel bridge, a colossal work of $15 million that killed 27 people during its 13 years of construction. The bridge is supported by two granite pillars with double arches and is based on a system of straps and steel cables.


Northern India: Perfect for a Cultural Solo Break

When you’re planning a solo travelling adventure, one of the most important things is to make sure you have lots to see and do on your itinerary. After all, why go travelling and then not make the most of exploring all the amazing places you visit? The plethora of fascinating sights in northern India makes it a top destination to discover as part of a singles break.

You’ll no doubt be keen to see the Taj Mahal, but there is so much more to this region of India, including Jaipur and its Amber Fort, the Bharatpur National Park and, of course, the contrasts of New and Old Delhi. To get you in the mood for jetting off to far-flung destinations, here are a few of the highlights of a cultural tour of northern India.

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The Isle of Pines

Looking at the profile of the coast in many corners of New Caledonia, the islands in Melanesia (Oceania) southwest Pacific, we see trees as columns that stand above the rest of the vegetation. These are called columnar pines (Araucaria columnaris), with its slim and high silhouette. In fact, in New Caledonia, there is an island known as Isla de los Pinos, that is famous for its vegetation.

New Caledonia is an island that can be considered special in their origin. With its dry tropical climate, it has species that are also seen in South America, New Zealand and Australia, including Araucaria columnaris conifer, a conical tree that can reach 60 meters high. The area is very striking with its white sand beach and turquoise sea. Even in the Isle of Pines is able to grow in Coral substrate.


The River of Blue Pools in New Zealand


The blue pools or the Blue Pool Track is an interesting spot to visit in a walk from the west coast of New Zealand. In the midst of a native forest of beech, the Makarora River impresses with its clear water through bedrock, that after thousands of years of erosion, results in a series of pools and ponds in turquoise waters.

Water flows from the glaciers, and when the current is calm, you can swim and get the feeling that people are hovering in the air.

The walk through a foot trail that accompanies the river, can be performed over 20 minutes, until you reach a bridge that crosses the Makarora River.


The Pyramids of Meroe, Sudan


They most famous pyramids in Egypt have the size and the number of tourists. But, the archaeological complex of the pyramids of Meroe, in the Nubian Desert (northern Sudan) are impressive from afar. It is solitary, and enclosed by huge sand dunes that form an intriguing and beautiful environment.

It is located 200 kilometers from the capital of Sudan, and the complex, preserves the remains of the capital of an ancient kingdom, one of the earliest civilizations in the valley of the Nile: the Nubians, also called Kush. Meroe, also refers to United Meroitic, a civilization that had its heyday between 400 a. C. and 300 d. C.

The pyramids of Meroe are located on the banks of a wide bend of the Nile, and its ruins are revealed palaces, court buildings, temples and the remains of the city proper, with walls, smaller temples, shrines and cemetery with a thousand graves. Although the largest pyramid is less than 30 meters high, more than 100 of the angles are prominent and still impressive.

Sudan, reportedly lives in the shadow of Egypt in their archaeological aspect. It remains a paradise for archaeologists and a less explored territory. Many of its secrets are yet to be revealed.