The Borély Park in Marseilles


If you have several days of vacation, a place worthy of visit is the Borély Park in Marseilles. The Parc Borély is a public park in the city, classified by the Ministry of Culture of France as the remarkable Jardin de France.

This is a park and a palace built in the XVII century by French shipowner and merchant, Joseph Borély. Borély bought the land in the area of Marseille and called it “Bonneveine”. The park is very pleasant to walk. It has an area of 17 hectares, and is open to the public. Next to it is the Jardin Botanique EM Heckel.

At your stop in the city, include your ascent to the beautiful Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde or a visit to these gardens.

The Parc Borély consists of three distinct gardens. Stresses the Jardin à la française, consisting of two concourses, a circular and rectangular basin and double rows of trees between the “Avenue du Prado” and the gates of the park. Down the main strip, we have the “bastide” (Provencal farmhouse).

On the west side of the park is a garden surrounding a lake where you can ride in small boats. The garden is adorned with statues, a fountain, a waterfall, and patio. You can also find a miniature plant to the Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde or a horse race track that is recently renovated.



The Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong


The Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong is a clear example that this city so unique. There are also places to relax, disconnect and to escape the daily grind of a chaotic city. Thie Nan Lian Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens of the former British colony. Its charm is located in a fairly quiet area.

The Nan Lian Garden is in the area of Kowloon. You can take the subway to the Diamond Hill. Once there, seek the C2 exit, and within minutes, you will have arrived. Although relatively modern, the Nan Lian Garden is built according to the precepts of ancient garden of Tang Dynasty.

The garden emphasizes that harmony is very important. The resort is not too large, as the garden occupies an area of 3.5 hectares. When you walk among its streets, you should pause a moment and listen to the sound of the water or appreciate the aromas of fresh flowers.

Visually, what is most striking in this garden city are its beautiful bridges and their two-story golden pagoda which is shiny because it is only a few years old. As an environment with as much harmony, the Nan Lian Garden also serves as a showroom especially in ancient arts.

In addition, you can relax and recuperate in a tea house or in the vegetarian restaurant that is in the grounds of the garden. As you can see, the Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong is designed to make you forget the city and just think to forget the fast pace of life.


A guide to the Lemosho route up Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is probably one of the world’s most famous mountains and because it’s walkable despite its height, it attracts thousands of trekkers every year. There are six official routes to the summit, with each presenting its own challenges, so here’s a guide to just one of them: the Lemosho trail.

The basics

The Lemosho route typically takes around eight days to complete and approaches Kilimanjaro from the west. It is one of the longer trails to the summit of the mountain and allows plenty of time for acclimatisation. As a result, the success rate of climbers tackling this trail is relatively high. It is also less frequented than some of the other paths to the top of the peak, so you can enjoy a quieter climb, especially at the beginning of your trek.

You will meet more fellow hikers in the latter stages of your Mount Kilimanjaro climb, as the Lemosho trail follows the same track as the Machame route to reach Uhuru Peak – the highest point on the mountain.

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Wat Rong Khun: The White Temple Near Chiang Rai


Fifteen kilometers from the city of Chiang Rai, Thailand, is this house that you can see in the gallery.

Wat Rong Khun is an all-white building that differs from other colorful places of worship in the area. The structure is amazingly beautiful and elegant, that when hit by sunlight, it projects dramatic effects.

Considered by many to be a very elegant building, it has its recent origin. The Wat Rong Khun has been designed into the project by Chalermchai Kositpipat and the work commenced in 1997. Today, it is still being defined, is a non-Buddhist and Hindu temple.



The Mud Volcanoes in Gobustan National Park


It is estimated that over 300 of the 700 mud volcanoes in the world are found in Azerbaijan. Most of them are found within the Gobustan National Park. The Gobustan National Park is a destination for trekkers and ordinary tourists who happily wallow in the mud, in the belief (or hope) of their healing properties.

The mud volcanoes can be high from a few centimeters to several meters. There is no volcanic activity, but this does not mean that there is no need to pay attention.

The Gobustan National Park Gobustan is protected by UNESCO, as well as for its natural value. The park is also admired by historians because of over 600,000 representations of primitive men, animals, battles, dances, rituals, boats, caravans of camels, and astronomical subjects, mostly dating back between 5,000 and 20,000 years ago.



Museo de Arte Subacuatico: Works of Art Under the Sea


The Submarine museum in Cancun is open and waiting for tourists who are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a vacation at sea in Mexico. Lovers of art and diving will really enjoy the exhibit of Mexican statues and swimming in the clear waters with colorful fishes.

The Museo de Arte Subacuatico is located in an area characterized by important ruins of the Mayan civilization. This was created by Jason de Caires Taylor, who has placed about 400 works—many of which represent human beings’ intent in various activities.

There are also cars and furniture, for a project that aims to attract travelers and tourists. The museum also cares for the marine life, since they also provide shelter for many sea creatures that live around the reef.

The Museo de Arte Subacuatico, which populates the between the waters of Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc, can be admired even by those who are not at ease with fins, mask and snorkel. Thanks to glass-bottom boats that make trips in the area.


The Marina Bays Sands Hotel in Singapore


The Marina Bays Sands Hotel in Singapore is considered as the world’s most spectacular pool. This is the pool of infinite horizon that is the world’s largest. It is located on the ground 57 of the luxurious Marina Bay Sands in Singapore .

The hotel is one of the most exclusive in the world and has become an icon not only of the Navy, but the entire city. Surprisingly both inside and out, as it consists of three towers that is 200 meters above sea and joined by a top shelf in ship shape. This platform was christened with the name “Skypark”. The Skypark is longer than the Eiffel Tower.

Without doubt, this is a site record. The pool has a total of 150m, separated into three fractions of 50m (i.e., the equivalent of three Olympic swimming pools). On one side, there is also a gazebo and a cocktail bar (Ku-De-Ta) of restricted access. On the back, there are a couple of hot tubs with views. The Skypark is a great place to watch the light show on the Marina.

But the Marina Bay Sands is not only the hotel and pool. It also houses an impressive shopping center, a casino, a theater, a convention center, a glass pavilion and even a museum of arts. The hotel also has elegant shops, a “food court” of the most exquisite and even a channel with Chinese traditional wooden boats that sail.



Maison Alphonse Desjardins: In the Privacy of a Great Man


Everyone knows the name of Alphonse Desjardins, the inventor of Credit Unions of the same name. But, how many people really know its history? How did Desjardins make his fortune by founding the banks? Where did he get this idea? Did his wife, Dorimène, encouraged him? Did he have another job? How many children did the couple have?

To have these questions addressed, many more found the answers by visiting the Maison Alphonse Desjardins in Lévis. In this house of Gothic Revival style that was built in 1883, Desjardins lived with Dorimène, raised their children, and found the Credit Unions.

Alphonse Desjardins died on October 31, 1920, at age 65. Today, the Maison Alphonse Desjardins is a cultural property and a recognized museum that is open to visitors all year round.


The Central Park in Manhattan


Central Park is undoubtedly the film park in the world. Central Park is a huge park located in downtown Manhattan, New York. It is rectangular and measures 4 kilometers long by 800 meters wide. According to wikipedia, it has almost twice the size of the state of Monaco. The New York Central Park is flanked by the 5th Avenue in the East (Upper East Side) and the 8 th Avenue (West Side Story).

In 1856, 340 acres were awarded to Central Park in the northern periphery of the island of Manhattan. The park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. Central Park has over 5 million trees.

When you visit Central Park, you can hike, run or jog. You will see that there are many people running with you if the day is good. Walking through Central Park is a delight because it is neither flat nor straight.


The Giudeu Beach in Sardinia


For all lovers of the sea, nature, water sports and suntan, the beaches of Sardinia are an inevitable destination. Of course, not all are amazingly beautiful, but many of them really leave you breathless. Especially if you’re lucky enough to devote reasonable periods of time in tourism, such as the months of June and September.

One of the beaches that are not to be missed is the Giudeu. Giudeu is located in the area of Chia, south west of Cagliari, which is about 50 kilometers. The beach is located along the SS195, towards Chia and reaches the village of Setti Ballas.

Giudeu beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. It has long, white sand and it is also called the sea of ​​dreams. On the right side of the coast, 150 meters from the shore, lies the island of Su Giudeu, a huge rock of dark shale that “sprayed” the Mediterranean.


The Norsk Folkrmuseum in Oslo, Norway

The Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo is a special museum, not only because it is an outdoor museum, but because it does not tell of kings or queens, artists or warriors, but it tells of ordinary people. The museum exhibits the rich or poor, how they lived, and where they lived.

Over 150 buildings and faithful reconstruction of houses from different eras, different places, and different backgrounds, illustrate how men and women have lived (and lived) in Norway. This is the Cultural Historical Museum in Oslo, the largest of its kind in Norway.

The museum displays Oslo’s major buildings like the Goals, as well as the medieval wooden church of the thirteenth century. It also shows the museum in 1907 and the Raulandstua, which dates back to the 14th century.

Norsk Folkrmuseum

Norsk Folkrmuseum

Norsk Folkrmuseum


The Norsk Folkemuseum is located on the Bygdøy peninsula, where there are other important museums in Oslo, like the museum of the Vikings, the Kon-Tiki Museum (which houses the raft which Thor and his companions crossed the Pacific in 1947), and Fram Museum, dedicated to polar expeditions. In the summer, the museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ticket prices are at 13 euros.