5 Melbourne Attractions for the Art Lover

It does not really matter what your taste is, we can guarantee that you will have a great time if this year you’re planning your holidays to Australia. That’s because there is something for everyone Down Under.

From the cosmopolitan cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, to the wonderful nature trips and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has it all. And if you are in Melbourne, then apart from the trip to MCG and all the attractions around, here are 5 things art lovers should just not miss.

→ Federation Square is the best place to start your time in the gorgeous and laid back city of Melbourne and that is all the more truer if you are an art lover. Apart from being a bustling space of gathering, it has plenty of shows, exhibitions, functions, special art events and if you are there at the right time, you can even catch a musical or two. (Corner Swanston Street & Flinders Street Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia / (03)9655 1900 / [official site])

It is amazing how so many people think of just complicated paintings and wonderful Operas when we say the word ‘art’. Cinema is probably the most popular and definitely the most glamorous art form in modern times and the Australian Centre for Moving Images (ACMI) allows you to experience movie-biz in a whole new angle. Interactive exhibits, a space voyage show and plenty of indigenous Australian movie exhibits make it a must see. (Federation Square / +61 3 8663 2200 / [official site])

National Gallery of Victoria houses Australia’s finest and largest collection of art work and you will be amazed at the amount of work on display here and its wide variety. If you truly love art, then you can spend even days studying both the work of both Australians and overseas masters.

Victorian Arts Centre is probably one of the most distinguishable landmarks of the city with its inimitable spire that will make sure you do not miss it. Designed by architect Sir Roy Grounds, many believe that its acoustic rival the famous Sydney Opera House and you can catch many touring and local productions here along with some world famous dance shows.

Sidney Myer Music Bowl is a venue that every local is familiar with and if you are planning on a trip to Australia come this Christmas time, then this is the spot to be on Christmas Eve. The Carols by Candlelight event held here is simply out of this world and an amazing way to experience Melbourne and you can catch various performances and concerts here. (The Sidney Myer Music Bowl is situated in King’s Domain, Linlithgow Ave)


Places to See in Saravejo



Sarajevo is the thriving capital of Bosnia. It is filled with stylish restaurant, high street art galleries and exciting nightlife. The modern skyscrapers of the city complement the mansions of Austro Hungarian architecture. The city is old with an Ottoman twist to it. After the war, the damages were repaired but it left signs that the place was once a battlefield. There are bullet holes and the famous Sarajevo roses. They are red cement that marks the spot where local died because of guns and mortar. You can start your tour at the street of Ferhadija. This begins at Eternal Flame where fire is kept burning to commemorate winning the World War II.

The street is dotted with shops, small cafes and galleries. There is a public square where you can find men gather around chess boards. As you begin exploring the old city, you can see famous landmarks like Serb Orthodox Church, Catholic Cathedral, synagogue and a Mosque. This goes to show that the city is diverse. This is the reason why Saravejo is referred to Jerusalem of Europe. The heart of Saravejo is called the Bascarsija. The streets are narrow and cobbled. You can find bars and restaurants. There are wooden shops where you can find anything that you can think of.

The mosques serve as a remembrance that Turkish ruled here for four centuries. The city is where you can find ornate fountains. This is a place where you can relax while feeding the pigeons. The smell of local delicacies like cevapi, sauces and spices are drifting on the streets that would make you hungry. You can also walk through the banks of Miljack river where the old National Library stands. The shell is the only thing that was remained. The building is empty but sometimes concerts and exhibits are held in the place.






Where to Go on a Vacation in Wales



Wales is a great region to visit because it is filled with beautiful places. Deciding where to go can be confusing. There are several small towns in Wales that you want to check out. If you go to the border, you can have the opportunity to be close to nature like walking in the park or strolling on the seaside. As well there are small villages that you can explore. Here are the top five places to visit in wales:

Porthmadog Maritime Museum

Do you love the sea or maritime history? You can visit the Porthmadog which is a great location. Found in the northwest side near the Snowdonia, this is a place that will not pop up in your itinerary if you are taking a short break. Still you can find historical structures in the area. Make sure to head to the Maritime Museum that will help you learn about the history of the area and how important it is in trading.


Another nearby town is Portmeirion. This is a quiet area that is popular among tourists. There are thousands of people that come here to visit the place. This Italian style village is very charming. It was designed in the 20th century. Visitors will have a Mediterranean déjà vu when stepping in the town. The architecture in the area is very unique with shops, cafes and small buildings constructed with medieval theme. The area is featured in several movies and TV shows.

Pembrokeshire Coast and Fishguard

People go to Wales to experience the Pembrokeshire Coast where they can immerse themselves in the sea, sand and small villages. Fishguard is a small town in the area that is found on the cliff that is overlooking the bay. There are quite a number of reasons why people visit this small town. One is the market environment. Another is the wild life opportunities that it offers. Be sure to have your camera ready as you can spot dolphins and sharks in the water. Head to the coastline where you can see small crabs and other creatures. You can take part on several activities like kayaking.


A large town in the area is Haverfordwest. This is ideal for people traveling with kids. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere on the coast. The Picton Castle is one of the attractions in the area that you can explore. You can also visit the Llys y Fran Reservoir & Country Park where you can hike, bike and go fishing.

Market town of Abergavenny

The market town of Abergavenny is the best option if you are looking for a short break. The town is full of history and you can find quite a number of old structures and heritage sights. You can also visit the Abergavenny Museum and the Norman Abergavenny Castle.



The Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand



On a small fishing village found in the south of Oamaru, New Zealand is where you can find a geological wonder. The Moeraki boulders are spherical stones which are situated on a sandy beach. However, they are not like normal boulders since they are shaped by the pounding of rivers and seas. According to scientists, the boulders were formed by sea floor sediments that were found in the ancient times. They were made in a process just like oyster pearls which have layers of materials covering its core. The center of the boulders is normally made from fossil shells, bones or wood.

Lime minerals were accumulated over a period of time and they are formed into a spherical shape. The mud stone seabed was uprooted from the cliff. It has released boulders that are scattered on the beach. Further erosion meant that the boulders look like shells of turtles. There are other boulders in the nearby area like shag point and Katiki. In the North Island, scientist also found similar structures with preserved snails, turtles and reptiles.

Moeraki is a town with a long history. It was occupied by the Maori tribe. The small town has a small seaport as well. Behind the town is a lighthouse where you can find penguins and seals. If you are interested in ecology, you can wander around the coast going to the Trotter’s Gorge. This is the native forest where you can hike. South of the town is Palmerson where you can find a scenic route. The place has good coastal scenery and you can also learn about geological phenomenon. Tourists can also find few amenities in the small town. Finally, the local residents are friendly to the tourists; in fact they are ready to serve as guides around the area.





A Journey Through Salento’s History



Salento or Salentu in local language is found in the south east portion of Apulia which is a region in Italy. It is said to be the heel of the boot in the Italian map. The whole area encompasses the province of Leece. If you travel through the south of Puglia, it is possible that you will be awestruck with the changes in the landscape. There are hills and valleys in the vast expense of the flat land. This is how Salento can be described in terms of geographical make up.

The industrial city is where you can find intricate roads and principal towns. The historic province has three entrances: Porta Napoli, Porta San Biagio and Porta Rudiae. The city is where you can find old churches and baroque plazas. The best ones are the Puglian Baroque and Basilica of Santa Cronce which is next to Palazzo dei Celestini.  The buildings have great facades with exuberant characteristics.

You can also find the Church of Santa Chiara and the Church of Sant’Irene. The roads leading to the Salento are filled up with great wine cellars where you can have a glass or two of the famous wines like Primitivo di Manduria or Salice Salentino. There are traditional bars where you can find musicians, dancers and craftsmen. There is also Otranto where you can access through internal roads that run next to the coastline. You can also pass by bathing resorts like the Torre Specchia and Torre dell’ Orso. In 1480, Otranto suffered from the attacks made by the Turks. This is provoked by the refusal to abandon their faith on Christianity.

The remains of the 700 martyrs are conserved in the cathedral that is found in the town which was survived all throughout centuries. Proceeding further will take you to Leuca where you can find a great panoramic views and enchanting coves. There is also the Santa Cesarea Terme which has renowned various ranges of spa treatments. Few kilometers away are where you can find Castro Marina where are located natural caves with immense beauty. There are pre historic remains that are discovered inside these caves.The most important cave in the whole of Salento is Zinzulusa cave.





What to See in Brasilia, Brazil



As one of the most admired Brazilian cities, there are a number of interesting sites to see and things to do in Brasilia. From amazing architecture to superb dining, almost everything is interesting in this city. So it is truly worthwhile to visit the famous city for sports and fashion. Some of the places you can discover in Brasilia are listed below.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral can be found opposite the Law Courts, along the central axis. Designed by Niemeyer, the structure is concrete and hyperboloid in shape with extraordinary lighting. It has a glass roofing that seems open and almost reaching the sky.

Square of the Three Towers

Locally called as Praca dos Tras Poderes, this establishment is very close to the premises of the judiciary, legislative, and executive offices. The president’s home, the Congresso Nacional, the Supremo Tribunal Federal are all within reach. Aside from that, the Pantheon of Freedom and the Historical Museum of Brasilia are just close by.

Palacio dos Arcos

Also called by the name Palacio Itamaraty, this building is where you can find the Foreign Ministry. Besides, this is also amongst the greatest achievements of Oscar Niemeyer as it is situated in fine-looking gardens. Architect Burle Marx designed its landscape to provide a grander and a more spectacular view.





Tips to Do in Bangkok


If you’re about to visit Bangkok for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by all the things you can do and see there. Where do you start? Take the time to get a real feel for the culture of Bangkok. Get to know its customs, its architecture, and its beautiful countryside.

The Temples of Bangkok

There are numerous temples in and around Bangkok that you should definitely put on your list of things to see. Each has its own story and each is an architectural wonder to behold. Many are within a few short miles of the city center, such as the Temple of the Golden Buddha, the Marble Temple, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, and perhaps the most photographed of them all, the Temple of Dawn.

The Sky Train

The train is a great way to avoid congestion on the roads and to see Bangkok in relative comfort. The Sky Train is an elevated rapid transit system that will take you to places such as the Central Business District of Bangkok, the National Stadium, and other notable places with ease. There are two lines, the Silom line that runs west to south and the Sukhumvit line that runs north to east. Check out the various sites along these routes and see more of Bangkok than you could have imagined.

Khlong Saen Saep

Though the water is murky and the smell can be overpowering at times, the Khlong Saen Saep offers a glimpse into another world outside the bustling city center of Bangkok. Many people here still have to take boats to and from work along the canal and the boats can get quite congested during rush hour. It may not be the most pleasant of boat rides, but if you’re interested in seeing another side of Bangkok, it really is worth a ride through the Khlong Saen Saep.


Chinatown is bursting with vibrant energy day and night. It is definitely a haven for tourists who go there to find street-side vendors and restaurants, many shops hawking gold, and other wares in a densely populated area. It is a flea market extravaganza and a great place to try food for every palate, much of it prepared right before your eyes. It is an exciting and invigorating experience you should not miss.




The Baboons in Zimbabwe


Apart from the widespread corruptions, AIDS and other diseases, there is one issue that Zimbabwe has to tackle. The problem is an increase of baboons in the country that can play tricks the tourists. There are quite a number of baboons between the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia that are infamous fr attacking the tourists. According to certain reports, there is an influx of the beast that snatches and loots items from cars and even from the border post. Locals in the area feel the situation is getting out of hand, and some solution has to be found soon.

In some cases, monkeys even have injures travelers. The authorities do warn tourists that baboons may slap or bite back if they attempt to fight back. They would destroy everything that would hinder them from getting food.

Authorities find it hard to contain baboons due to its size and they act like humans. Baboons can smell food in the truck and they gather around to a point that it is hard to control them. They can also trick people. Unfortunately in Zambia baboons are considered as delicacy. Baboons are killed right away when the locals see them. Baboons are very common in East Africa, they normally know how to interact with people since they can adapt to the environment. They also can live in a wide variety of dwellings.



The Nightlife in Stockholm



Stockholm has a lively nightlife, especially in the central area of Gamla Stan. Stockholm at night is dynamic and fun. In Stockholm, you have Nordic cozy pubs, large casinos, nightclubs and many other places indicating a lively nightlife.

An example is Akkurat, a disco bar that also hosts live concerts. In this bar you can choose from over 400 different types of whiskey and a wide selection of beers. Sunday is the busiest night in this place, with free entrance and live rock music and R’n’B.

Another place to hang out is the Berns Salonger, which is one of the oldest clubs in Stockholm, founded in 1863 and has become a reference point for the Swedish capital. Inside this complex you will find a luxury hotel, a restaurant serving Asian food, bars and nightclubs that host live concerts. The club has a large dance floor where you can listen and dance to the current top songs of the global charts but there is also the Berns Bar for relaxing moments.





What to Do and See in Pamukkale


Pamukkale or Cotton Castle is a natural wonder that has become a tourist attraction. It is situated in the Denizli province just in the South West of the country. Since it is located in the inner Aegean region, it enjoys a high temperate climate all through the year. Tourists can come to the place through Antalya and the Aegean Sea. The water that flows down from the cliff has turned the area into white color. It has a nice formation of stalactites over the area. If you want a break from the city, this is a good destination.

The calcium pools which cling on the ridge are picturesque and considered as an amazing spot in Turkey. This is the most elaborate calcium formation that you can find in the world. This was formed when a body of water with high amounts of calcium flowed over the cliff. As time was flying, it cooled and become a hard leaving great deposit of calcium. It changed the form into pools and ridges so tourists can swim in hot waters. Based on the belief of people, the water can heal a lot of disease. This is the reason why people from all over the world are visiting the place.

The white area is surrounded by hot springs which are recommended for those suffering from various diseases like high blood pressure, heart ailment and digestive ailment, among others. There are a lot of hotels in the area that cater to the tourists. Unesco even declared it as a World Heritage Site. Unfortunately it affected the place so restrictions were made. Definitely this site is one of the best in Turkey. You might also want to check out the Red Springs which are found just outside this place. The boiling water comes from beneath the earth and forms a great rock formation.




The Fun Carnival of Nice



How to make your winter vacation even more unique while in Cote d’Azur? Simple, just visit these beautiful places during the Carnival of Nice. For two weeks, the beautiful town of Riviera becomes the scene of large and sumptuous festivities, culminating with the Parade and the Battle of Flowers.

Months before the festivities, teachers gather in the “Home of the Carnival” to work on cars, studying the best mechanisms to move the big puppets and decorations for the funniest “large heads”. During the day of Mardi Gras along with the Promenade des Anglais is held the picturesque Battle of Flowers, during which 20 fully decorated floats of beautiful blue flowers parade along the coast. A handsome and charming show which pays homage to the historic tradition and the natural nurseries of Riviera just attracts the people. Beautiful models will launch through tanks up to 10,000 flowers to the crowd.

In the evening, the Place Massena offers a spectacle of lights and sounds with incredible visual animations projected on a giant screen, while the illuminated floats parade in the center of Nice. The Nice Carnival has its origins in the Middle Ages, although the modern version with floats and parades goes back to 1830 when the population decided to pay homage to the kings of the House of Savoy, King Carlo Felice and his wife Maria Cristina, who was visiting the city. The theme of the Carnival parade in 2011 was Nice “King of the Mediterranean”, which lasted from February 18 to March 8. The city streets were filled with gigantic chariots that evoked the history of the earth, the importance of ecology.