Fish River Canyon in Namibia

The fish river canyon despite being the second largest canyon in the world after the America’s Grand Canyon forms a great site to see. This astonishing grandeur has ravine that stretches for 160 kilometers and has width of up to 27 kilometer and also 550 meters in some areas. The fish river which is the longest river in Namibia flows in the belly of the ravine.


The hiking trail

The hiking trail at the fish river canyon of Namibia is one of the most famous hiking trails in southern Africa. The rough terrain and the immense scale have made the hiking trail to attract numerous tourists to experience what the canyon has to offer. The visitors are expected to carry their own basic needs as there are no ready amenities along the hiking trail.

Wildlife and birds

The fish river canyon usually has various species of animals which includes the mountain zebra, Kudu and the wild horse. This great canyon has various prolific birdlife which has over 60 species of birds.

The ultra marathon at fish river canyon

The unofficial running which takes place through the canyon has developed into the annual ultra marathon. The marathon usually follows the current track of hiking trail and is aimed at testing the ability of the athlete to endure extreme conditions. Since the area is remote, the athletes of the ultra marathon are expected to have their own supplies of sufficient nutrients and gears. The water is usually sourced from the fish river which is just close by the track.

The fish river canyon offer the best place for sporting and hike trailing in Namibia. The tour around the canyon is fascinating with the different activities that make the entire trip worth every dollar.


Unveil the Hidden Wonders of Bou Saᾀda-Algeria

Embark a significant experience in sparing precious moments with the captivating beauty of Bou Saᾀda. Located 245 km south of Algiers, Bou Saᾀda is a town in M’Sila Province, Algeria known as a place of happiness. The town is an important trading post to nomads which is known for its jewelry, carpet, metalwork and bousaadi knives in addition to the popular textile mill. The place attracts visitors whole year round with some important attractions even during winter season.

3.Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad

Bou Saᾀda Stunning Oasis

One of the hidden treasures of Bou Saᾀda that fascinates tourists is the true dessert oasis. The city lies northeast of Sharan region somewhere between Honda depression and salt lake and Atlas Mountains known to tourists as little desert haven. Bou Saᾀda is a perfect pilgrimage town where visitors found a comfortable couch after a tiresome tour in the dessert.

Amazing Bou SaᾀdaPark

Bou SaᾀdaPark, a 100-acre park where you can surprisingly witness a vineyard of grapes cultivated to produce and bottle wine. Top quality wines in the world are produced here to name: Merlot, Riesling, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Accessible railroads and main roads can now be found in the area making it most comfortable to travel without riding a camel.

Bou SaᾀdaTwo Main Areas

Visiting Bou Saᾀda can take you to two main areas: French Town and Medina. Within the city walls is Medina where you can see the marvelous old architecture of arched alleyways and age walls and the French town which is just on the south of it. Large date grove is also an admirable spot just outside these parameters and famous mosques which likewise are eye catching sight within the city.

..Unveil the great beauty and wonderful attractions in Bou Saᾀda where you can experience all of Algeria……




Playa el Agua the Fabulous Island sited in Venezuela –Don’t Miss it

Playa el Agua was first discovered by Christopher Columbus, he was the first European who stepped on Margarita Island in the year 1498. This beautiful Margarita Island is perfect holiday spot as it contains many pictorial features, the perfect beautiful water, amazingly striking white sand-beaches and can enjoy many other activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding etc.


General Information

Playa el Agua is one of the largest islands in Venezuela. This island is located in the northeastern-coast of the country in Caribbean Sea.  The coastline of the island contains plenty of pearls. Almost one third of pearls are given to New-World tribute to the Spanish-Crown.  Due to this abundant in pearls there is a huge threat to Margarita Islands as pirate’s attacks are severe and notorious people like Red Legs Greaves has captured the surrounding islands and also captured the ship that was carrying gold and pearls.

Spend the Best Time at Playa el Agua

Playa el Agua, playa means beach in Spanish language. Margarita Island possesses the most beautiful and free-tropical beaches in the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, the amazing part are you get to see the sunrise all 340 days in a year.  Isla Margarita is completely perfect Tropical Island.

The beaches are around 2 ½ miles long, white sand beaches and the coconut trees on the sides of the beach is such a marvelous sight to see. You can just fine a nice spot away from the crowd for your sunbath or you can as well spend the delightful day with people around you. You can witness various kinds of activities happening on the beach.

There are around 30 restaurants are in and around the Island where you get appetizing food and you can also some stalls that carries umbrellas and lounge chairs for rent.



Jacarandas – the world’s most beautiful tree

SouthAfrica,Pretoria, Jacaranda trees

Beauty is, of course, subjective.

But it is hard to imagine a more glorious sight than an avenue of jacaranda trees.  With their heads in a pale purple cloud, and their feet swathed in fallen blooms of the same color, jacarandas are a delight to behold.  As though they are not beautiful enough on their own, they seem to have entered into an alliance with other wonders of the plant kingdom to produce memorable vignettes: the soft jacaranda hue next to a wall covered in a lurid puce bougainvillea; jacaranda trees alternating with flame-red Flamboyants or the much darker purple of the Tibouchina tree; a small Golden Trumpet tree showing off its lemon yellow flowers against the jacaranda’s lavender apron.

Native t the tropical and sub-tropical regions of central and South America, the jacaranda can now be found gracing the streets of Bhutan and Buenos Aires, Los Angeles and Lisbon, as well as cities across Florida and California.

The title “Jacaranda City” goes to South Africa’s administrative Capital, Pretoria. Every October, the city turns purple as over 70,000 one hundred-year-old trees re-color the city and seduce residents with their sweet smell.   Johannesburg, some 30 miles away, has fewer trees but they are concentrated in a few suburbs which see a great increase in traffic as nearly everyone will take a detour to see these beautiful trees in bloom.

Auckland, New Zealand, is catching up fast, while Grafton, New South Wales has wide avenues where the trees touch overhead forming shady bowers.

viewer (37)

There is a down-side to these fast-growing adaptable city trees: if they escape into the wild they can become almost invasive and crowd out indigenous plants.  In fact, in the south African city of Pietermaritzburg, it is illegal to plant new jacarandas, and home-owners are strongly encouraged to replace them with other, local trees.

The idea hasn’t spread, and it is still possible to plan a world tour encompassing jacaranda-lined streets on six continents.



Flowers of Namaqualand

Every summer, flower beds, pots and window boxes are filled with daisy-like flowers of a warm orange , bright yellow, salmon and blends of all three.  Botanically these are annuals of the Dimorpotheca family.  Their more robust perennial relatives, the Osteospermums, also come in whites and purples.The world takes great pains to distinguish between the annuals and the perennials and has given them names like African Daisy or South African Daisy, Cape Daisy and Blue-eyed Daisy.


But to the people of Southern Africa, they have only one name: Namaqualand daisies.

Little Namaqualand is the arid northern part of the Cape Province of South Africa, centered on the regional capital, Springbok. Remote areas are inhabited by the Nama people (previously known as Hottentots), whose language seems to consist of nothing but clicking sounds, and is unintelligible to all but themselves and their close relatives the Bushmen of the Kalahari. Ninety-five percent of the rest of the inhabitants of Little Namaqualand speak Afrikaans, another language understood by a select few: South Africans, the Flemish and some Dutch.Fishing and mining are the chief activities.  There is little to attract tourists.

Except for a few weeks in the early spring when the first rains of the season turn the dry, uninteresting landscape into a breathtaking vista of flowers as far as the eye can see. There is a huge array of flowers, some 650 including the world’s largest selection of succulents.  But the tourists do not drive up from Cape Town in their thousands to see aloes, crassulas and cacti; they come to see the daisies spread before them like a richly-hued, intricately patterned carpet.

The daisies certainly make a splash, but they were not the reason that UNESCO gave World Heritage status to the Richtersveld area of Namaqualand.  That was because of the little people who speak in clicks and their semi-nomadic, pastoral way of life, which has endured for thousands of years.



Basic Backpacking Tip – Packing the Backpack

Not every one will like the idea of backpacking. But if you are the outdoorsy type, this is one holidaying activity that you will surely enjoy. Backpacking simply means going on a holiday without all the luxury of hotels, resorts and shopping spree activities. When you go backpacking, you will have to carry your backpack with you most of the times and that means you need to be physically fit.


Live on the Edge Cheaply

Backpacking is all about living on edge and living mostly without hot showers. It is the cheap alternative if you want to hop from one destination to another if you do not have the money for luxury cruises. Backpacking is fun as long as you come prepared.

Choose the Right Backpack

Embarking on your backpacking trip starts with preparing your backpack. The first thing that you need to do is to choose the right size of the backpack; choose one that is too big and you may have a hard time storing it on trains and planes, too small and you may not have enough room for your essentials and some take home goodies.

Make sure that your backpack is made of durable material as you will be taking it everywhere you go and it will be your lifeline during the entire trip. Choose one with as many straps as possible; you will need to ensure that the weight of the backpack is evenly distributed in your body.

Pack that Backpack

Next you need to ensure that you will bring enough clothes and of course the right ones. Deciding on the clothes to bring as well as other essentials like medications, toiletries, sandals and your gadgets is an important factor. You do not want to be heavily burdened with a backpack full of unnecessary items, so just what you need and you can purchase the rest on your destinations.



Backpacking Asia – Laos

Laos is the perfect backpacking destination if you are looking for unspoiled natural and relaxing natural landscapes. This is the place to go if you dig authentic village life. Laos is simply laid back and is one destination that is not competing with the fast changing civilization of its neighbors, Vietnam and Thailand.

Vientiane Laos


There are many places to go and see in Laos and one of them is Vientiane, the country’s French influenced capital that boasts of sleepy streets, quaint shops and welcoming locals that go about their daily slow and peaceful lives.

Luang Prabang

Go north and you will be treated with Luang Prabang, the picturesque little town with twinkling temples, colorful markets and sparkling streets. This is very ideal for relaxation and some fun. Some great treats you can enjoy here includes; chocolate pancakes, bananas and homemade baguettes.

Luang Nam Tha

From Luang Prabang you can start trekking your way to Luang Nam Tha and experience the amazing Laos outdoors. From this Northern Province you can see great jungle sceneries and the stunning beauty of the mountains. There are hill tribes along the way and this provides good highlights to your backpacking trip.

Vang Vieng

Your Laos backpacking trip will not be complete without a visit to the once sleepy town by the riverside, Vang Vieng. This is the place where the famous Tubing activity happens and the main reason why backpackers flock this town. Among activities you can do here include; rafting, rock climbing, and kayaking.

While in Laos, do not forget to try their local beer. It is best sipped from the cool bottle while watching the sun is setting down in the capital.



Explore Dortmund the Historical city in Germany

Dortmund is a beautiful city sited at Bundesland, North Rhine Westphalia in Germany. Dortmund is considered as the 8th largest city in Ruhr Area of Germany. Approximately 579,012 inhabitants are living in this area.  The Dortmund is one of the popular tourist spot and globally thousands of people visit this place just to explore the city and get rejuvenated with the beauty of the city.


Climate at Dortmund

The Climate is wonderful.  It possesses cool summers, mild winters and absolutely gorgeous weather all through the year. If you love rains then plan a vacation in July because you will enjoy Maximum rains in July. But to enjoy Dortmund more than the best time to plan a vacation is in summer or spring time.

Travel Tips

Reach the favorite place by plane, there are plenty of flight services are available to reach Dortmund. There are many internationals airlines like Wizzair, easyJet, Air Berlin offers low rates.  European travels and many other national travels offer special deal to tourists.  No train is available to reach airport but there are plenty of shuttle busses are available from Dortmund airport to Holzwicked station or Central station.

Discover more Tourist Attractions

The best time to visit Dortmund is summer of course. You can easily walk around and discover new adventures in the city. Steinwache Museum and Memorial offers permanent exhibitions of 1933-1945, famously known as Persecution and Resistance in Dortmund, very emotional and deeply touching memorial exhibition.  Explore other attraction like The Museum of Art and Cultural History, Museum am Ostwall and many more. Enjoy your lovely vacation!!



Enjoy Cozy Vacation at Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is the gorgeous country with glorious landscapes, historic castles, and scenic Islands.  Spend a splendid vacation at Scotland and forget all your worries. It captivates you in many ways, you can rent a holiday cottage, or converted barn that gives the country-stay feeling, the new way of spending your quality time. There are many beautiful tourist destinations are there in Scotland but Edinburgh is exceptional among them.


Journey to opulent Edinburgh

It is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is also considered as the leader in academic excellence and cultural for centuries, the beautiful ever blooming and elegant Edinburgh is worth spending wonderful moments with family.  The stylish city is magnificent and reflects the lavishness and comfort and the tourists get a VIP experience during their stay at Edinburgh the Capital of Scotland. Tourist can enjoy more proclamation benefits as the city offers special treatment and design a guide that can help them to figure out the best and important place to make their trip comfortable and memorable.


The city proudly represents the annual festivals of comprehensive calendar and other associated events. Also displays rich and vibrant culture and mainly it attracts tourists with its amazing beauty and make them feel comfortable during their stay in the city.

Edinburgh -Tourist Attractions

People from all over the world who visited the city agree that Edinburgh is a must see city in Scotland. By visiting the Edinburgh you will get complete satisfactory vacation that you are longing to have from long time.  The city offers exclusive attraction to the tourists that include 20 paid attractions and 20 free attractions. The Waterfront of Edinburg, Pentland Hills and backdrop of Arthur-Seat make the city as special tourist destination.  Just in a day you can cover all the major places in the city. Explore and enjoy the elegant Edinburgh.



Zihuatanejo – a must see place in Mexico

Looking for the grand way to spend quality time with family then visit Zihuatanejo the gorgeous city of Mexico.  It is the 4th largest city of Guerrero the state of Mexico.

The majestic city is located at the Pacific Coast, which is 150 miles away from northwest-of-Acapulco, and it belongs to Mexican Pacific-Coast known as Costa Grande. The grand city still maintains its traditional look, and the town is sited on well-secluded bay which is also encumbered with private boat owners during the winter season.


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The Rainforest of British Columbia

The rainforest with the greatest biomassper hectare is not, as one might imagine, the Amazon.  It is, in fact, the temperate rainforest of British Columbia.Not only is the Rainforest Coast the largest intact temperate rainforest remainingin the world, it also contains the largest concentrated mass of organisms – plants, animals, insects and microorganisms in the world.  The enormous trees, some hundreds of feet tall with circumferences of over 30 feet, may be 1000 years old.


The coastal area of British Columbia meets the American definition of a rainforest in that the annual precipitation is over 55 inches and the mean annual temperature is between 39 and 54°F.  Despite being part of notoriously cold Canada, the western coast seldom even sees a frost.

Here you may see – if you are lucky – the Kermode or spirit bear, a rare white variation of the black bear.  Grizzlies are common as well as deer, elk, moose, caribou, big-horn sheep, mountain goats, cougars, marmots, muskrat,beavers, wolves, wolverines, coyotes,badgers and fishers. Bird watchers may see herons,eagles, hawks, owls, ospreys, Canada geese, loons, swans, ravens, Harlequin Ducks, and others.

Trees include the three maple species native to British Columbia: Rocky Mountain maple, vine maple and big-leaf maple, Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar and Douglas Firand two species of hemlock.  The undergrowth is lush and many trees wear mossy coats.

There are organized tours of the rainforest all over Vancouver Island, but for the less energetic, it is possible to get a feel for the forest through the realistic dioramas of the natural history section of the Royal BC Museum.  The University of British Columbia in Vancouver has recreated the natural forest in a Rainforest Garden.  One of the outstanding features is ten species of blueberry and close relatives including bog bilberries and ligonberries.