Relaxing in Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire


Located just two hours by car from Boston, Lake Winnipesaukee has been one of the most popular vacation spots in New England for years. Much of the lake is full of houses worth millions of dollars.

An example is this vacation home in Lake Winnipesaukee which has a price tag of $1.6 million. It has 4 rooms and 3.5 bathrooms. This contemporary property overlooking the lake has a master suite with vaulted ceiling and a living room with walls of glass that allows residents to enjoy the views of the nearby Belknap mountain. Other features include granite ledges, art appliances, a fireplace and a professionally landscaped garden.

Earlier this year, sellers subtracted  $100,000 its price, making it an even more attractive. Rents on properties reach about $ 6,000 per month.


The Forest with “Superpowers” in California


They have curious ways, even somewhat convoluted. They look strong and resilient. They are supertrees, or specifically, long-lived pines, a species that typically reach ages of 100–1,000 years, some even more.

These species just grow in mountains of western North America, in California, Nevada and Utah and are believed to be cloned of the oldest  living organisms in the planet. Often, barely have leaves and even dead trees appear. The simply survive in extreme conditions, so that even as the worse the conditions, they are living longer.

They are found in the White Mountains of the United States, and in certain areas with higher density, eventually form a small forest and in the county of Inyo, eastern California (Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest). The particular species is Pinus Longaeva  or Bristlecone pine,  a type of tree that grows to about 3,000 meters above sea level, sometimes even in the middle of a forest of other species. One of the oldest is about 4,750 years old, a tree dubbed as the “Methuselah Grove”, which is not marked to protect it from vandalism. But even existed there is the oldest tree, which is estimated to be some 5,000 years old.



Backpacking Destinations

A Walk in the Milford Track

If you want to experience the nature in its purest form, you must venture deep into the jungle. To know more about the nature and its surroundings, you must make it a point to walk your way. The most famous trail ride in New Zealand is called Milford Track, a hiking trail that crosses an area of mountains and temperate rainforest in the Fiordland National Park.

It is one of the most beautiful walks in the world (between glaciers, giant waterfalls, lakes, giant lived trees, steep cliffs between fjords and waterfalls). Of course, no one would forget to bring anything to guard against the moisture and water falling. This area is one of the wettest spots on earth. Southwest of the South Island of New Zealand receives rain between 6,000 and 8,000 millimeters per year, an amount of water that leaves its mark on the landscape with hundreds of “rivers” that fall on steep slopes of the mountains and forests that are saturated mosses and fungi, as in an enchanted landscape.

The points to be joined are the Lake Te Anau, to go north to the area of Milford Sound, or the country’s fjords area famous for its hot mirrored dozens of waterfalls and streams fall in the sea. All the way you cross forests, wetlands, and to a great mountain pass, all in a way that was used by the native Maori and today is one of the tourist attractions of the country. The following is a selection of images from the trip that do not follow a linear path, but rather, they serve to illustrate the incredible scenery that can wait for those experiencing the place.

To start the journey, we must start from Te Anau, a small town by the lake. Mostly between October and April, you can cover most of the routes north and over four days, sleeping in cabins in specially delimited areas managed by the Department of Conservation. Only allowed a maximum of 90 hikers a day, so it is important to book months in advance.




Traveling to Costa de la Luz (Cadiz)


The Costa de la Luz is known as the coast with the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Snow-white sea areas will help tourists unwind as they enjoy the constant breeze and gentle waves of the Atlantic. And Tarifa Africa seems close enough to touch.

Two provinces share this beautiful piece of earth: From Tarifa just talked to Sanlucar de Barrameda which is translated as the “Coast of Light” in Cadiz , the other part – from the mouth of the Guadalquivir River to Portugal – is the province of Huelva.

With over 300 days of annual sunshine, the name Costa de la Luz really suits because the yellow celestial bodies never seem to go down here. Places like Conil de la Frontera, Rota or Sanlúcar act sleepy and fewer tourists visit than its neighbors on the famous Costa del Sol .

West of the provincial capital Cádiz primarily speaks Spanish. The Germans seek their recovery especially around Novo Sancti Petri and Conil de la Frontera. Those who likes stormy place and the waves for kite surfing, surfing and sailing needs of keep their best at Tarifa, Barbate or Zahora. The lighthouse at Cap de Trafalgar is basically the dividing line between Bath and active holiday.

The villages on the coast and in the hinterland are full of history: Cadiz is the oldest city in the Western world, Conil counts with Vejer, Medina and Tarifa to the white villages . In Jerez, El Puerto de Santa Maria and Cadiz are the famous sherry at home. Trips away from the beaches do not only leave formative impressions but it also relaxes the soul.




Three Cheap Eats in Montreal



Montreal is a foodie’s heaven. Best of all, you don’t have to shell out your precious pennies to enjoy it. There are a variety of tasty cheap eats available at your finger tips.Thanks to several large university campuses located on this tiny island. You just need to know where to look.

1. Le Cagibi

Cuisine: Vegetarian, Mexican
Average spend: breakfast €2 – 7, lunch/dinner €6 – 8
This indie cafe/bar features an appetising menu of fresh soups, salads, burritos and sandwiches accompanied by an excellent selection of tea and coffee. It also offers a simple brunch and breakfast menu that is definitely easy on the wallet. The free Wi-Fi is ideal for travellers on the go and the music isn’t so bad either, so stick around a bit. Check out the daily soup and salad combos. Lentil, lemon and coconut never tasted so good together! See the menu.
5490 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

2. Restaurant Boustan

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Average spend: pitas €2.50 – 3, combos for €6
For authentic Middle Eastern food on the go, Boustan serves up vegetarian and meat shawarma varieties and platters to satisfy your nightly cravings (open from 11 a.m. until 4 a.m.). Menu highlights include the shish taouk (also known as a kebab, doner or shawarma) and roasted potatoes smothered in the house garlic sauce. The line-up out the door shows just how much Montrealers love this little hole-in-the-wall. See the menu.
2020 Rue Crescent

3. Les Folies

Cuisine: Vegetarian, French and Canadian
Average spend: starters €3 – 5, brunch €8 – 10, mains €11 – 12
Les Folies (meaning crazy-ness) is a lovely little brunch spot with an outdoor patio overlooking bustling Avenue Du Mont Royal East in Montreal’s Le Plateau neighborhood. Brunch items like omelettes, crepes and homefries are a staple of any Canadian cosmopolitan diet and are worth a try at this unique restaurant. Also featured are creative salads and juicy burgers for your meat-eating friends. Try La Fraîche: refreshing greens mixed with fresh fruit, seeds and creamy raspberry vinaigrette. The cocktails are also surprisingly delicious (like the tart raspberry mojito), which are available in pitchers to share. See the menu (French only).


Three French Tourists Arrested in Sri Lanka for Kissing a Statue of Buddha



We need to internalize the habits and customs of the destination we visit in order to avoid situations that would be offensive to people who welcome us. Our Western ways are very different from the rules of conduct practiced by Asian countries and some of them could have serious consequences.

Three French tourists, two men and a woman,were arrested in Sri Lanka after the woman was photographed kissing the lips of the statue of Buddha.

Sri Lanka is predominantly Buddhist and its people are very sensitive to the lack of respect of the image of Buddha, as well as visitors’ behavior in the sanctuaries.

The country’s authorities specifically accused the tourists of ‘desecrating’ the Buddhist shrine town of Kandy; showing disrespect to the Buddha by kissing the holy statue (in another photo a man is pohotographed as imitatingthe Buddha’s posture. These behaviors deeply offended the Buddhists.

The misconduct of the French was denounced by the employee of a local establishment, who alerted authorities when the tourists tried to print photos and were detained.

Subsequently after paying a fine of 1,500 rupees (8.6 euros), they were released. They were originally sentenced for five years. The judge also ordered their deportation.

Beyond its status as a tourist, visitors must be be aware about the holy places and remain silent silent during prayers Tourists should be silent and should dress properly.



Tourists Opt for Armenia



Of late, Armenia has been gaining increasing acceptance among tourists as a must-visit destination. One destination that is highly recommended are the churches that are scattered throughout the country and they certainly are part of the attractions that tourists can consider during their vacation.

In Armenia museums are worth visiting and among them Erebuni Museum is one of the most recommended because it showcases many historical pieces of great value. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular museums for tourists.Visitors will also enjoy other museums such as the Museum of History and art galleries which allow them to discover a little more about Armenia.

But if you are not font of going on an art trail, you can opt for a relaxing holiday in Armenia by going to places that ovewhelms you with natural beauty. Breath taking mountains, the valleys and scenic villages are something that one should explore during ones stay in Armenia. And there are different lodging houses for travelers with beautiful natural and peaceful surroundings.

Within this natural rural environment, tourists coming to Armenia can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or excursions to different places. They also can enjoy the wide variety of wildlife that Armenia has to offer. No wonder then that many experts think Armenia will surely be one of the most sought-after destinations in this part of the continent.

Best way to enjoy a vacation with family and friends in Armenia is to take a trip during the summer months using the free time on holidays. Whether you love nature or culture, Armenia is a country that you will like. We are sure that it will also surprise you along the way as you will have the opportunity to visit some of its most unique and exciting cities.




The Turks and Caicos Islands


Just as days get colder and darker in Germany, man yearn for the sun and heat. The Caribbean is the best place to visit with its average temperature of around 30 degrees.

Along with some of the better known places like the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas , there are some lesser known islands that are nonetheless beautiful. There is a group of islands that are situated at the foothills of the southeastern Bahamas, and is part of the Caribbean, that has many holiday seekers enthralled. We are, of course, talking about the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Only recently, the 19-kilometer-long beach of Grace Bay Beach was hailed as “the most beautiful beach in the world”. The approximately 497 km ² island group offers beautiful white beaches and crystal clear waters with beautiful and colorful coral reefs and can rightfully call itself a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

Speaking of coral reef, the South Caicos Island is the tip of one of the largest coral reefs in the Caribbean. The official language is English, as the island group is under the sovereignty of Great Britain. However, paid with U.S. dollars and with enough of them in the travel budget, you may be followed by all kinds of recreation seekers enterprises. You can try underwater expeditions or cave tours.  350 days of sunshine means that holiday seekers, honeymooners and solo travelers return with their batteries fully recharged.

Tourists can reach the the Turks and Caicos Islands any day of the week as international airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways and Delta Airlines fly there daily.



Destinations Miscellaneous

India Plans to Promote Mining Tourism



Worldwide, there are various mining centers that promote a new type of tourism around mining, understood as an activity that tends to enhance, disseminate and gain knowledge of the sites, areas and mining and geological regions. This recreational activity can be done passively from the mere contemplation or actively interacting with the appeal.

And while many might sound strange, it has many followers and therefore, the state government of Goa, India, is targeting closed mines to develop various tourist activities based on the proposed mining policy announced by the State Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. He wants to specify an initiative to develop tourism in those sites after the mines have already stopped working.

He claims that the ‘Tourism-related ore will be promoted to raise awareness, educate citizens and provide employment opportunities for local people, considering that the geoparks will be established in the state, whenever this is possible.

The Director of Mines, Prasanna Acharya, said the idea of converting closed mine shafts into lakes is pending. “If the mining companies have planted trees, then we can see if they can be converted intospices farms”.

In order to shape and develop a better concept to promote tourism related to mining, the government will appoint an appropriate consultant.

‘The land, after the closure of mines, could be returned to local management bodies preferably as a common property resource especially for the benefit of the rural poor.



Destinations Miscellaneous

The Most Popular Crafts of Argentina



If you are traveling in Argentina and want to take some memories back home, there are certain craft items that you should keep in mind because they mostly represents the country.

– Mates: come in all colors, sizes and materials. Mate is an infusion feature Argentina, and is therefore also one of the most typical handicrafts.

– Football Shirts: The national sport. One of the best things you can give to someone is the official shirt of one of the major football teams in the world – the blue and white National Team jersey.

– Leather clothing: Argentina is one of the leading exporters of authentic, high quality leather clothing. However, prices are not always cheap (though most agree that businesses pay in installments with major credit cards ). If you’re on a budget, you can choose accessories like key chains or belts, which are also made of best leather craft.

– Food: Canned vinegar, spices and homemade sweets are characteristic of each region and are among the most sought handicrafts in the country. Also, foods such as dulce de leche and yerba mate are also required by visitors.

– Musical Instruments: If you travel through northwest Argentina you will find plenty of flutes, reed pipes, and other instruments like sikus craft, gift ideal for carrying and remembering the sweet sounds of regional music.

– Other: Of course, you will find thumbnails of the Obelisk, postcards, prints, paintings, sculptures, textiles and many other crafts typical of Argentina. It all depends on your taste.

The best place to buy these and other crafts is the Florida Street in Buenos Aires. Florida Street is a downtown street where any means of payment such as credit cards, checks, or cash (local or foreign currency in most cases) are accepted. As much as they offer discounts, do not buy from street vendors in the city, because they are illegal and result in unfair competition for retailers.

Elsewhere in the country, it is best to go to a craft fair but, yes, you can only pay cash because the positions of the fairs do not accept cards (credit or debit).



Hiking in Wales


Cymru is the Welsh name for Wales. The capital is Cardiff and Wales also one of the six Celtic nations. The rugged landscape of Wales is characterized by some green moors, hilly landscapes, meadows and mountains. If you want to do an outdoor holiday or wish to pursue the hobby that is far away from home, Wales is the perfect place, as it has rugged landscapes and rugged mountains that are suitable for long and difficult hikes.

Snowdonia, with 1,085 meters in height, is the highest mountain in Wales. Liverpool Bay, Clwyd and the Wye are just a few of the many rivers that run through this land.

The landscape of Wales is so fantastically beautiful as well as contradictory. Wales is located on the coast, some mountains, and green fields that have many hilly routes to offer.

A hiker’s heart could desire nothing more than such a broad range of experience in landscape features. Wales wants to attract hikers, as the distance from place to place is quite far. Yet, its appealing nature takes the stress away. Besides, its great landscapes, Wales showcases castles and a touch of Britain’s history and culture.