Why Christchurch Remains as the Best Destination in New Zealand


Everyone knows New Zealand but not all of them know how beautiful Christchurch is. The charm of this southern city of NZ becomes one of the best destinations among other popular cities in Europe. Located on the Canterbury Plains border, this wonderful place is charming as it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and ranges of hills.

Christchurch is a big city that hosts several important activities from business, education and pleasure. The downtown accommodates the needs of those who want to enjoy the well-equipped shopping districts along with vibrant cafés, restaurants and nightlife. Nobody should miss walking along the downtown to browse around for great stuff for souvenirs. Garden City is what millions of tourists are familiar with when it comes to travel to New Zealand.

Though Christchurch is famous among many tourists with its magnificent Garden City, there still some other places which are worth visiting like The Avon River—with its charming central city topography. Hagley Park is the gem of the Garden City. Containing more than four hundred acres, it hosts tree plantings which are well-managed, walkways with excellent design in passing the river. There are also golf courses and sports fields. Nobody should miss even each corner of the Garden City.

Skiing or whale watching is what adventurers need to witness because they are also the reasons why everyone is visiting Christchurch. There are still some other challenging activities like kayaking, bungee jumping and other activities for those who need to pump their adrenaline. What makes it more amazing is that Christchurch is two-hour away from the international airport of New Zealand. Where on earth that you are going to find challenging outdoor adventures within such close distances from the place you arrive and departure.  Just choose among activities like wind surfing, go rafting, hot-air ballooning, mountain biking and enjoying gardens with one of the most wonderful wineries.

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Which Part of Italy that You Haven’t Visited


A vacation in Italy may be one of your routine traveling activities. But, are you sure that you have explored the whole beauty of Italy? Most people only visit Italy to witness the vibrant, romantic cities like Rome, Geneva and Milan. They become the icon of modern fashion and lifestyle. Actually, Italy provides massive arrays of vacation destinations for those who are eager to enjoy sports activities like hiking, windsurfing, sailing, waterskiing, and sailing by enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

Almost all cities in Italy concern about tourism sector because it is one of the income sources which contribute the stable economic condition. This is why there are so many facilities that each tourism resorts provide so that they can cater the demands of tourists for their total enjoyment. Options are infinities  for mountain freaks as Italy hosts so many daunting ranges of mountains for every hiker to conquer. Winter in Italy is as incredible as other seasons.

Summer holidays in Italy are promising where every tourist can just enjoy walking to view the beauty of some country sides. Italy is also adorable for its lakes and rivers where fishing becomes the best activities. Not to mention kayaking along rapids and streams which require strong courage.

Italy also hosts the best place to relax and have wonderful spa moment. There are so many spa centers that spread out throughout the cities so there are thousands of options for everyone. Many spa treatment clinics offer many kinds of treatments, from the most modern one to very conventional, ancient Rome. The modern one provides the latest, well-equipped spa treatments from well-reputable brands. Yet, the traditional treatments are more favorable for many people because they can enjoy the conventional products which are made from herbs which were used during the ancient Italy.

So, there are myriad ways to enjoy Italy and stay for longer time in this beautiful country. What you need is time and budget to spend many things that offer timeless fun.



Which Country You Should Explore for Your Unforgettable Backpacking?

Previously, backpacking is the term for those nomads who need to find freedom and independence. These days, people who travel to countries for the sake of enjoying the beauty of nature are backpackers. Backpacking is very adventurous because backpackers only bring their backpacks containing their essentials during their journeys. Mostly, they go to places where the nature reveals its maximum beauty.

If you are one of those people who love exploring wonderful forests and capturing the magnificent wildlife activities, then you can just explore some countries which have the best natural resorts.


Everything about Nepal is exotic and the classic culture of Asian is what backpackers can see. Backpackers always love its tropical nature in which they can just choose among several outdoor activities like trekking throughout the countryside. It seems that this country is the only one in Asia, which maintains its strong heritage. Temples of Buddhism and Hindu are scattered in almost every corner of each city. For true backpackers, they will need more than thirty days to explore the whole country.



Bali is not the only place in Indonesia that backpackers can explore. Though it is true that Bali is the main destinations for worldwide tourists when they visit the country, Indonesia still has thousands of unexplored islands for every tourist to conquer. Rain forests and incredible wildlife in Sulawesi is only one example of some worth visiting places in this country. Sumatra is another island that hosts magnificent places like Harau Valley, Lake Toba, Lake Maninjau and so many bays for enjoying wonderful water activities. Beaches are also spreading out throughout the country.



For those who dream to visit Europe without any desire to spend more budget, then Albania as the best option. With lower standard of living, backpackers can enjoy exploring the countries’ beautiful museums and historical places that reveal the grandeur of European empires. Hiking to Mount Dajti is another alternative for more challenging journeys. Albania can also offer warm sunshine on the beautiful Jala or Dhermi Beach.


Travel Deals

What We Get From Travel Deals and How They are Beneficial


There are lots of advantages when it comes to travel deals because we do not only get good prices, but we can also enjoy our desired destination without spending ‘normal’ cook. Travel deals, which are offered by reputable online travel agents include airfare seats purchase, hotels cost and car rentals. However, it will be more challenging when we can find travel deals on cruise trip to incredible places. Surely, it requires higher amount of money though they are categorized in special travel deals.

Yet, we might have never heard that there some travel deals that several resorts offer. They are usually small resorts which have rare access to publicity. Usually, those resorts do not have any collaboration with any travel agent. This is actually that we need to find because such resorts will offer special prices to introduce their services. The same thing also applies to some newly launched cruises in which they will try to find clients to use the service.

Finding such deals can be somewhat daunting unless you want to spend more time in browsing. As those small resorts or new cruises need to save much for promotional budget, then they only create their own websites or blogs and publish their products through social media networks. This is a great chance for everyone because search engines can also crawl for good keywords from social media.

Usually, there are certain people who prefer to become resellers or brokers to such travel deals. When they find that there are resorts or cruises that need publication, they will make their own researches to the quality and dependability of those resorts or cruises, and resell the deals with higher prices. What they need is only reading many travel reviews from several travel websites so that they can figure out what to sell, and how much they can resell. This effort can be a good business chance for everyone to get higher profit without spending initial costs.

Air Travel

Things to Notice for First Timers Before Taking Air Travel

There is always the first time for everything and taking air travel is one of them. If it sounds like you, then you will find this as an exciting experience. The foremost thing to do is to make good plan on your air travel trip. It is better to plan in advance and do this as earlier as you can. As a first timer, you should pay attention on several probable matters that may take place.

One of the best schemes is advanced booking on flight tickets. There are some advantages of early bookings in which you do not only save much money, but you can also choose the best flights and the best time to travel. Besides, you can also pack all your needed items in organized ways. This is even more important when you have to spend business travel, as you should not miss on each vital thing.

Another important thing for first timers is to assure is the details in flight tickets. You should make thorough notice whether the ticket has correct details about your name, ID number, passport number and other important details like the schedule of the flight. This is very important because most first timers think that everything is always correct and fine. Careful attention on details on flight tickets is one of several advantages of advanced booking. Late booking can cause chaos, just in case there are some mistakes in the flight tickets details.

Pay serious attention on check-in time as all kinds of flights require one-hour in advance check-in. Yet, it requires at least three-hour in advance check-in for international flights. International flights require stricter regulations on luggage screening. This is especially on European airports as well as those in the United States. Avoid problems so that your flight can be enjoyable and stress-free. Read all instructions on the flight tickets and make sure that everything is well prepared.


Air Travel

Preparing Your Air Travel Well can Avoid Many Hassles

There are many kinds of hassles, which many individuals face during their air travel and the main reasons are less preparation. It is a pity because such things should be made in advance. Packing, booking tickets, bringing only important things, as well as noticing dangerous things to bring can be very helpful in avoiding many hassles.

First of all, it is important to pay attention on the baggage limits which are allowed by many airline companies. No airline companies will allow all passengers in bringing sharp objects, certain liquids or chemical substances. When you pay attention on such matters, then there will be less risk on your trip, especially if you should pass on screenings at several airports in some European countries or the United States’. Check out on certain medications which are allowed to bring on flights because several diseases require insulin injections.

Another important thing is to make sure that you know your suitcases and bags very well. It sounds silly though there are still some cases when people pick the wrong baggage. Collecting bags can be much easier when you can notice your bags very well. When your bags have common colors like black or dark blue, then add some accessories like a key holder  or a sticker that you can notice easily so that there will be no mistake in bringing others’ bags.

Arriving earlier is also vital because being in a rush can lead to disaster. The same thing applies when booking tickets. Never make late booking or check-in because you should prepare on some unexpected events, which may take place. Don’t forget to keep yourself clean, especially if you bring your kids or infants. Every public place and transportation is prone to various viruses and bacteria. Prepare yourself with hand sanitizer and wet tissues so that you can clean your hands and your kids’ easier.



Keeping Everything Safe during Travelling


We always love travelling, but there are times when we face unexpected things like losing our bags or losing things because of thefts. This can happen when we visit third world countries where some people think that tourists are always rich. They always aim to steal things from tourists, especially from western countries because they always consider that people in western countries have much better wealth.

There are things to pay attention seriously when it comes to security factor. First of all, we should choose the best or at least a reputable airline company. This is because there are so many crimes within planes where we mostly hear about theft on passengers’ bags. Such truth seems to be very normal these days, and we should be careful in keeping our eyes to our bags closely. Choose an airline which you can have easy access to locate your belongings much quicker. Follow-ups are the best thing to do because such things can happen when bags’ owners are not careful enough.

Another aspect is to find out about the security of the airport. When it is not necessary, it is important to avoid visiting third world countries. Yes, it is true that there is a strong temptation in visiting those countries because they mostly offer incredible places to explore. However, some airports do not have reliable security standards and they are mostly very crowded, especially during peak seasons. This factor is definitely important and you really have to pay attention on such matters, particularly when there are kids around.

Security aspects include damages on belongings. Damages can happen during the flight in which you might place your camera or other electronic devices within luggage. Luggage are just piled and when yours are placed in the bottom, then you have higher risk to suffer from damage. Keep fragile things within bags that you carry on the plane so that they are safe from being broken.


Heavens of South America that You Should Not Miss

We all know that South America is rich of magnificent destinations and it will take your whole life for exploring each place. Coastlines, mountain ranges, and wildlife are among the main appeal of South America which deliver memorable journey. If you do not have much time in exploring each city, then check out the real heavens on earth that you should not miss.


Though Ecuador is the smallest countries in South America, it keeps massive charms for every tourist to explore. Its natural beauty mixes well with the diversity of the culture. Have you ever imagined visiting virgin rainforest, or viewing grandeur active volcanoes? You can witness both of them very well in this country while you can also enjoy the vibrant Indian markets in the downtown area.


Galapagos Islands

This is the true escapism for those who adore an amazing wildlife. Each island is also popular with its magnificent marine life where every beach has abundant arrays of species. Definitely, this is the place for water sport activities like diving, snorkeling and enjoying various species of sharks, sea turtles, and Galapagos turtles in the National Park Tortoise Reserve. Be amazed on the varied arrays of birds which become the magic adornment of the Galapagos Islands’ sky.

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Outdoor activities in Argentina are definitely the most magnificent things to do during summer holidays. After arriving at Buenos Aires, go straight to Patagonia where you can witness all kinds of animals that you might have never seen before. For a more amazing outdoor trip, wonderful marine life in at Puerto Madryn is best to visit during June to December where whales are playing excitingly. Another worth visiting place in Argentina is Torres del Paine National Park. As the home of distinctive wildlife, everyone will find this place incredible.


South America is too broad to explore. So, if you have very limited time, then those three aforementioned destination is surely worth visiting.


Pros and Cons of Company Car


Owning a car is a great thing, isn’t it? It shows off your standard, imparts a great impression of your personality on the minds of your colleagues, friends, etc. but many people also prefer having a company car instead. Why is that so?

Well let s learn something about the benefits and drawbacks of having a company car in this blog post.

Doesn’t it sound really great when your company offers you a vehicle? You look forward to it as a benefit. Of course, your own car would cost you government taxes and maintenance charges as well, which we often do not see in the case of vehicles offered from companies.

Many associations add this benefit either to attract the employees or to keep the current employee working dedicatedly for their company.

But it highly depends upon the rules of your office, whether they allow the car for personal use as well. This we think, is the biggest disadvantage of the offer as for one would prefer cash instead of a car allowance which comes with this condition. Whether your company provides you with fuel charges or not is yet another issue.

The greatest benefit an employee finds in having a car allowance is that, he can step aside those huge car expenses, which would otherwise eat up all his savings. However, some companies may set up eligibility criteria for providing this attractive benefit to its employees.

But many people see it as a total loss, for of course, the car allowance is going to somehow be adjusted in your pay.

Business Travel

Dealing with Unavoidable Business Travel


It is hard to avoid business travel though you really want to skip it. Somehow, business trip is not more than just a tiring trip, which is costly and time consuming. Not only you will be stressful with several flight delays, but you will imagine how your workload is increasing. However, you can make further discussion with your boss about whether it is necessary to go for a business trip.

However, you cannot avoid business travel due to some reasons. They are:

Routine Exhibition

If you are a marketing or public relation manager, then traveling for handling routine exhibition is unavoidable. This is a very effective way in promoting and selling products in which people are flocking in. This is the major role of a marketing or a public relation manager to show that their products stand out from others of its kind. People always love to attend exhibition because they  can make comparisons on similar products in faster and efficient ways. Make sure that you are well-prepared so that the cost for your business trip and exhibition are not useless.

Trainings or Certifications

Yes, you have your bachelor degree and you are already experienced in your work field at this moment. Are you convenient with this condition? What if a younger person—who has higher education and better experiences—applies to your office and your boss welcome her proudly? Every employee needs to gain more knowledge and skills so that he or she can compete well in such tight competition on the workplaces. So, it is important for not feeling satisfied with what you have obtained so far.

Enjoy every business travel because it will bring great advantage for you if you want to improve your career significantly. There are always hard efforts before any success. The key is to do the best in self-improvement.

Business Travel

Considering Fun Times During Hectic Business Travel


Business travel can be a great disaster for some business people as they will have to face some times when they are unproductive. This is because they have to drive or fly for several miles away and it is time consuming. There will be postponed tasks like supervising subordinates or handling some tasks that they have to deal with daily. Things will be worse when there are delayed flight schedule. It costs such valuable time and this is very annoying.

If it sounds like you, then you should not let yourself feeling stressful. It is important to take everything with good mood, despite of unexpected conditions. As a busy businessperson, you should be able to use chances within difficulties because stress feeling can cause worse mood. It causes bad impact to your productivity.

First, make sure you enjoy the place that you visit. Yes, it is true that you are tired and you will have to prepare for your first meeting. Still, you deserve to have a break and enjoy some amusement places at the destination. Try visiting great restaurants and order your favorite food or try the native cuisines. This can bring better feeling for boosting your spirit. Tell yourself that you are lucky enough to travel to some cities as not everyone has the same chances as you do.

The next thing to enjoy is meeting new colleagues in new ambiance. It means, every meeting can bring fresh ideas and it will bring major impact after you are back to your office. When you think that it is tiring to join any meeting, keep in mind that you are facing challenges. The challenge is that you have to stand out among others so that there will be great achievement for you. It can bring good influence on your career level.