Online FIR System in Pakistan.

The motivation behind this centralized FIR system was, for once, this disrupted police departments of ours and the amount of difficulties common men have to face because of this mismanagement. Secondly, the implement of such kind of system, not exactly the same, by our KPK’s newly established government is in its infancy, which we suggest, should be made the generalized system all over the Pakistan .legal_meaning

The advantages of this system, is the surety that the complaint will go the authorities directly and the complaint number will signify the getting back later to report process, will even make it easier and approachable. Leaving the present unorganized system far behind with it’s foolproof privacy until the case reaches media. It will make the relation between the legal authorities and common citizen, much more reliable, stronger and dependable. Any flaw in the prosecution will be outlined at its occurrence, leaving the monetary bribes in the persecution of the offended party with a question mark. Or any unpredicted turn of events against the victim will be outmatched at the beginning as the official online FIR record will aid in the case follow up. It will help police stations to communicate or to look for the cases that are being forwarded to them by other zones. Any misunderstanding or intended delay will be avoided. It will help the reporter to submit their case at home, at ease with the surety of being recorded. All in all, this system will help improve the present judicial mayhem and it will help serving the justice to every righteous needy of it.

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