Nha Trang: The Coral Beach

Nha Trang is the capital of the Vietnamese city of Khanh Hoa . Throughout its territory youcan find delightful beaches and coral reefs that are considered the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. It is also a port city with excellent range of services for tourists.

If you like to enjoy the wonders of the sea, then you’re in luck because in Nha Trang , you can find all the facilities to practice water sports: great beaches, perfect waves, heat, sun and tranquility. What more can you ask for? But you must avoid the rainy season as you will not be able to enjoy the fun these beaches have to offer. If you are not very excited about surfing or diving, you can choose to go for hiking or trekking through the interiors Nha Trang. On the contrary, if you just want to rest and relax, get a tan, have the locals give you massages, enjoy the natural beauty, collect bag full of souvenirs or enjoy the food, we assure you that there are plenty of options. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the delicious sea food including lobsters and crabs.

In Nha Trang there are four, and highly recommended, beaches: two very popular and two more remote and quiet. Choosing which to visit depends on your mood. If you go to the beaches of Doc Let and Dai Lanh, you will always be engulfed with tourists. Dai Lanh Beach has a semicircular area of 83 square kilometers where you can see sand dunes to the opposite side of the coast. Doc Let beach on the other hand is long, wide, white sand and shallow.

If you prefer seeing fewer people and experience a different a trip, we recommend you to go to the Whale Island where you can go diving and see beautiful corals. The other alternative is the jungle beach where you’ll find three hectares of land between mountains and forests that cover the sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Here you can also go hiking, canoeing and mountain climbing.

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