New York – for free

If you have the desire to visit the home city of many Hollywood stars, but you are short on money, do not despair, there is a way to visit New York and stay there for few nights for not really significant amount of money. If you can do a thorough plan and be able to comply it, you can pass cheaply.


So what you need is to define the time of your arrival and departure from New York so you can arrange and book a flight, as soon as possible, thus you can save twice or thrice on the flight price. When going for cheap you should know additional packages and extras are to be avoided as they increase the prices. There is a possibility to visit Manhattan without robbing the bank. You can also rent a room on the internet and do this on a lower price if booked much earlier before the visit. If you have no reserved rooms, you still can find some cheaper hotels, if you do good research you can find rooms for 60 dollars per night and per person, which is quite cheap. Although the price is cheaper the rooms are comfortable and some even include saunas, spa or fitness centers included in the price.

Once you have a room, you can start exploring the city, the transport is not the cheapest and the sightseeing tours by bus costs around 60 dollars. It is good to know that New York city is actually good and ease for walking, there is also a chance that the hotel were you stay offers free walking tours in a company of New York guide. Other free activities include: wandering in the Central park, go for a ride with the Staten island Ferry for free, visit the Grand Central Terminal or visit the Fifth Avenue.

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