Museo de Arte Subacuatico: Works of Art Under the Sea


The Submarine museum in Cancun is open and waiting for tourists who are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a vacation at sea in Mexico. Lovers of art and diving will really enjoy the exhibit of Mexican statues and swimming in the clear waters with colorful fishes.

The Museo de Arte Subacuatico is located in an area characterized by important ruins of the Mayan civilization. This was created by Jason de Caires Taylor, who has placed about 400 works—many of which represent human beings’ intent in various activities.

There are also cars and furniture, for a project that aims to attract travelers and tourists. The museum also cares for the marine life, since they also provide shelter for many sea creatures that live around the reef.

The Museo de Arte Subacuatico, which populates the between the waters of Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc, can be admired even by those who are not at ease with fins, mask and snorkel. Thanks to glass-bottom boats that make trips in the area.

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