Mount Mayon: The World’s Most Beautiful Volcano

On your arrival in the Philippines, be sure to head to the north of the city of Legazpi to watch the impressive Mount Mayon. Mount Mayon is a volcano rising about 2,525 meters above the sea level and has a circumference of nearly 130 kilometers.

If you are in Manila, you must travel 330 kilometers southeast of the capital to meet the country’s most active volcano. It had 50 eruptions in the last 400 years. The first eruption on record occurred in 1616, but certainly the most destructive one occurred in 1814, when the lava buried the town of Cagsawa and killed 1200. In recent times, the volcano erupted in 1993, when the vast cloud of ash poisoned 77 people.

This volcano is located in the Nayong Pilipino National Park and dominates the landscape of the area. It is known as the “perfect cone” for its conical shape and is considered the world’s most symmetrical volcano. This is the only mountain you see in miles around and at night you can see a halo of steam which is always shining.

A good time to take good photographs is at sunset, where the angle of the volcano receives sunlight and makes the smoke dyed in red. Dare to enjoy a different experience, and discover the natural wonders of the little outdoor Philippines .


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