Mount Lamington in Republic Of Guinea

Mount lamington is a well known stratovolcano mountain in Papua, New Guinea. The area around the mountain is forested with the rainforest. Initially, the mountain was not known until its initial eruption in 1951 which claimed the death of over 3,000 people.

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The history of mount lamington

The eruption in mount lamington began on January 1951. Just three days later, there were more violent eruptions with the northern part of the mountain being blown away and smoke and steam filled the area. The lava flowing from the mountain caused damage to the extent of over 12 kilometers with the people near the Higaturu getting reached at over 14 kilometer from the volcano. Many people were killed by the eruption and extensive damage of the property was evident. The recue parties were hampered by the pumice and the threat of subsequent eruptions as eruptions went on in the month of February and March the same year.

Great sceneries

The eruption created great domes on the mountain which forms a great site to see. The pumice and other solid volcanic material are also visible at the site of the mountain. Trees have since grown and the mountain acts as a habitat for hundreds of bird’s species as well as wild animals. The local people have created trail walks and with their assistant the visitor gets to enjoy every bit of the journey.

Mount lamington is a great feature in the republic of Guinea and has become one of the greatest attractions in the country. Tours to the mountain can be arranged with the local tour agents who will guide and offer direction at every corner around it.



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