Morimoto: Explosion of colors and flavors

Love japanese food? Located a few steps from the Mexican capital, the Morimoto restaurant comes with a secret weapon: their chef, Masaharu Morimoto.

Masaharu Morimoto  jumped into prominence after appearing in different editions of the television program, Iron Chef, and came to the Mexico City for invitation of Real Way.

His admiration for Mexican meals opened another division of his successful restaurant. His specialties include Bull Tartare, which is made of tuna bull, accompanied of different sauces; Sashimi Salad, with lettuce, sealed tuna, furikake of wasabi, with seasoning César and an egg pochado of quail.

Morimoto Sashimi, one of the best-sellers, is a combination of salmon, tuna bull, eel, hamachi, with a selection of five sauces to the dish: red pepper, yellow pepper, arúgula, eel barbecue and yuzu.

As strong dish is Wagyu New York, which is a perfectly baked meat. This is accompanied by sauce of soybean and chimichurri to the sides. For desserts, they have chocolate-injected donuts, selection of sherbets, and tofu cheesecake.

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