Monte Coxala

Some argue that the term Spa contains the initials of the Latin phrase per Aquam Salus, which means “health through water”. Others claim that they were named from places of leisure and relaxation.

Staying in a spa is a great way to forget the stress, pollution and the daily grind of the city. Some spas offer thermal baths to sophisticated beauty treatments and massages. 

Monte Coxala

From the top of the hill, the view of largest lake in Mexico is breathtaking. The road and the noise pollution is very far from the Monte Coxala facilities. The spa which extends in a large split-level landscaped grounds, is operated with a pre-Hispanic architecture.   In the distance, stands a large Olmec head. And closely, it can be seen from the gate leading to one of the two springs roofed minerals, which are interconnected through a duct. Water temperature is 38°C and the fact that the doors remain closed favors the creation of steam, it provides greater benefits to the skin.  For those who prefer to enjoy the climate and landscape, there is an outdoor spa. There is an outdoor Jacuzzi and a large open area on top of a pyramidal structure that invites contemplation.

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