Mongolian cuisine

At the center of the Asian Continent in the heart of the wilderness is the Republic of Mongolia. Mongolia is one of the most preserved and untouched by human hand countries in the world, it is a country of natural and unpolluted resources. It is a country where man is still greatly bonded with nature, but also a country that offers modern life. It is the same with the Mongolian cuisine, it is a cuisine richly influenced by the traditional way of cooking and the use of local ingredients, but it is also influenced by other near cuisines as well as the modern way of cooking.

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Mongolian cuisine and diet is mainly based on meet, mutton and beef is mostly used in their dishes. Mongolians preserve their meat in traditional ways, such as drying or bortsloh. The meat is cut into strips which are then left to dry in the shade, the meat becomes hard, once it is hard it is powdered and then boiled, this is how broth is made. Mongolia is well known for its meat delicacies, such as the boodog which is whole goat that is being cooked from the inside or the khorhog, which is sheep meat placed in a huge container with stones and then heated from the outside.

Throughout the many years of existence in nature, The Mongolians have developed many dairy products; they are also using the milk of more species than other countries. Dairy products include many types of yogurt, traditional dried curds, cottage cheese and fermented milk. Mongolians use fermented milk for distillation and to produce Mongolian vodka, also called Nermel vodka. Another typical Mongolian beverage is the milk tea, it is leaves of local tea plants, such as brick tea, that is boiled and then milk is added. Mongolia is vast country, its different parts offer variations of the cuisine, but meat and milk are the main products use through the country.

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