Milan, Italy – A bit of history, and things to do

She’s been lusted after by  Roman generals, Austrian emperors and  kings of France. Milan, strategically located between Rome and  north-west Europe, has remained the apple of the eye for all those rushed in to conquer. The city has been a a symbol of prosperity over the centuries.

Having been ruled over by the Romans until the decline of their empire in 402, the town of Mediolanum was conquered later on by the Lombards, the Holy Roman Emperor Barbarossa and various families, including the powerful Visconti and Sforza.

After a long stint of Spanish domination, Milan became the capital of the Cisalpine Republic of Bonaparte, and was annexed to Austria in 1815. The city was finally incorporated into the new Kingdom of Italy in 1861.

Milan, today the  economic and cultural capital of Italy,  is different from the rest of the country, and is distinguished for its frenetic pace of life, cosmopolitanism and modernism.

The pulse of contemporary Italian life stems from the fact that  it houses 1.3 million people, known for their elegance and refinement. Undoubtedly the Mecca of fashion in Europe, the city lives in the present and rarely leaves room for indolence. Its public squares, cafes and kiosks host  people who travel  here for shopping and football.

Located at the foot of the Alps and in the heart of northern Italy, the Lombard capital is less than an hour from the famous Lake Como, Garda and Maggiore. Conducive to romantic walks, visitors get to admire enchanting villas, beautiful gardens, ruined castles and medieval churches. We know you would want to take the next flight to this dream destination. Let nothing stop you, folks!

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