Martinique, situated in one corner of the Caribbean, combines the warm and friendly atmosphere of the tropics the European Union. Martinique is a small island in the French Antilles. It has a beautiful turquoise sea and beautiful beaches.

The tropical climate makes Martinique the best place to spend a perfect holiday. Martinique has an average temperature around 26 degrees and the winds blow a constant breeze on the island. Holidaying during the rainy months between August and October are not advisable.

Most of the region is covered with lush vegetation— while the north has ferns, bamboo, rubber trees, frangipani, acacias, palms and cactus plants, southern areas have rosewood. Martinique is also home to a wide variety of  flowers. The hibiscus, pink oleanders, bougainvillea, and orchids, bloom in many throughout the island.

The northern coast has beautiful beaches of volcanic sand. The beaches of the Peninsula Tartane and Sainte Marie, bordering the Atlantic are favored by surfers and scuba divers. The beaches to the north are typically Caribbean. With its white sands and calm seas, you can escape from the pressures of city life. Martinique is beautiful and wild. Hotels are close to the beaches, organized with all the comfort for a relaxing stay.

The capital is Fort de France, where you can find modern shops, cinemas and wonderful buildings. You can also find the beautiful Saint Louis Cathedral, the Fort and the Schoelcher library.

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