Luggage tips – travel deal


1. Must choose the right suitcase,

Your suitcase must be carefully chosen if you want to relieve your trip, you need to pack your luggage in order so they preserve the old good looking style. On the bottom of the suitcase put the heavy stuff and on the top place your nice iron pressed gently folded clothes. Always use small hand bag for your documents, money, camera, drinks and snacks.


2. Optimal number of clothes

We advise you not to pack your clothes in one hour, think few days what to wear and what to take with you on the trip, this is how you will make the perfect combinations and you will not carry unnecessary luggage. Always plan and pack one warmer cloth in case the weather gets colder.


3. Medicines

Take your first aid medicines, medicines don`t have the same names in all countries, so if you have some problems, headaches, toothaches, stomach problems, mosquito sensitive or other insects always wear repellent and the right pills.


4. Shoes

You must plan what shoes to wear, you don`t want on your second day when you trip has become most interesting your feet to be swollen and painful. So if you plan long walks, you must take nice and easy shoes and rain shoes.


5. Take care before you go

Be sure you have mobile phone and learn how to activate you roaming service.

Check if you wear all your personal documents and their expiring date.

Check you auto and its technical condition if you plan with your car.

Check in your reservations, hour, date and depart date.

Make sure you have exchanged money, always wear pennies.


This is a primary travel list and of course we advise you to spend some time while drinking your coffee to make one, it will be of a great help for you.

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