Los Angeles, California – Interesting Things to Know

For some, she’s monstrous. And for the others, she is like a lovely maiden. Metropolis of the automobile, capital of illusion, Los Angeles extends immeasurably to the south, shrouded in smog, between the mountains of Santa Ana, Santa Monica and San Gabriel.

Los Angeles is chaos no end: There seems to be no limits to this metropolis, except for the giant towers of downtown where people work but do not live.

The city is a huge agglomeration of more than 18 million inhabitants. The second most populous city in the United States, Los Angeles is at the bottom of a pot surrounded by mountains and the ocean, and shows both in her lap the sandy beaches, the  hills and windswept deserts.

In the evening it sports the appearance of a large grid of a checkerboard illuminated by the Pacific . The city (as per the strict administrative boundaries) covers 1200 sqkm. But considering the case of the greater metropolitan area (including the counties of Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino), we realize the are is bigger. The dimensions of this huge metropolis baffle anyone: 80 km from west to east, from Malibu to Euclid Avenue, and 60 km from north to south between the San Fernando Valley and the Port of Los Angeles.

Don’t you think Los Angeles needs to be revisited?

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