Las Vegas playful

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in the desert, the city of Las Vegas has been in existence for a bit less than a century. Nestled in the southeast of Nevada, it has a  virile and noisy atmosphere.

It competes successfully with other major cities of the world and always seems ready to up the ante by building another mega-hotel solely based on its ability to impress even more visitors.

Of course, we can not talk about Las Vegas without using superlatives; all those famous themed casinos that leave onlookers stunned and attract them into the den with lavish entertainment.

In addition, Vegas casinos don’t have clocks on their wall. This is because the ultimate goal is to get people engage with more excitement and in the heat of the game to forget the real world around them.

Here, along the Strip, the main artery that stretches about 5 km and that channels traffic day and night, everything is implemented and orchestrated to attract the attention of thousands of onlookers and stun them: millions of screaming neon glitter and burning millions of watts of hype as stunning muffled street, countless wedding chapels where the best man is an Elvis clone, and of course, the many mega-themed hotels all falling in excess.

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