La Tomatina – Valencia


La Tomatina is a festival held in the town of Bunol, Valencia in the country of Spain. The date of the festival differs as it is held at the last Wednesday of August each year, and the festival is also known as the biggest food fight in the world. The festival has its origins back from the 1945 and it has been held ever since, it began with a tomato fight amongst little children.

Although the fight last for one day, the festival itself goes for a week and it features many activities and events, such as dancing and music, parades, fireworks, cooking competitions etc. Because the town of Bunol is small and because of the fact that many locals, but now also many tourists from all around the world, come to visit the festival, accommodation is hard to be found during the festival, this is why many tourists stay in Valencia and travel to Bunol, which is less than 40 km distance.


The main event happens at the last Wednesday of August and it begins in 9 o’clock at the center of the town, where pastries and delicacies are given to the visitors as breakfast. At 11 o’clock trucks with tomatoes arrive at the center of the town, a soap greased pole is erected where a leg of ham is hanged, when someone is brave and strong enough to climb and take the ham, the festival is ready to start. The start is announced with water cannons and the battle begins. It is allowed to throw only tomatoes and smash them a before throwing them, participants are also advised to wear goggles. After one hour of tomato projectiles the festival fight ends again with the signal of the water cannons. After this participants go to wash themselves in the river or where they are accommodated and authorities immediately start the cleaning of the town.

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