Jerusalem Closes Bridge that Leads to Temple Mount

The fragile condition of the peace in Israel, affects all decisions. Such is the case of the so-called bridge of the Mugravíes, which connects the Plaza of the Kotel, the Western Wall, with the Temple Mount, has been closed for fear of a landslide.

Fearing landslide, engineer Shlomo Eshkol, asked the foundation of the heritage of the Western Wall, Kotel Ha Maaraví, to be closed immediately and prohibit it from use. City officials stressed that the precarious wooden footbridge is a threat because it is highly flammable and is in danger of collapse.

But this decision could trigger a wave of protests in the Islamic world and, given this possibility, Prime Minister Biniamín Netanyahu, has not yet determined the demolition of the walkway.

Director of the Waqf Islamic, responsible for the complex of the Temple Mount said that ‘this is a very sensitive matter’ and that it had not been consulted before the closure of the bridge.  ‘ The bridge is very close to the mosque of Will to Al Aqsa and the Palestinians, the Arabs and the Muslims of the world will not be glad ‘. Thus, the director of the Islamic organization said that Israel ‘is trying to negatively alter the tradition under the guise of security concerns’.

The truth is that this bridge is crossed daily by hundreds of parishioners, tourists and members of security. Only the Jews can enter the Temple Mount if they close the bridge.  For the time being, the area has been completely sealed and the municipal engineer of Jerusalem has reported that they may do so only in cases of emergency.


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