Irish traditional cuisine


Whenever you are traveling to a foreign country, you should always do a little research and check places where traditional food is served. The cuisine of a country speaks of the country culture, history even economic situation; it can also be influenced by religion. Irish cuisine is not influenced by religion, but it is said that Irish food has many references in Irish mythology, one of which the use of honey for making mead, which is common to many western European countries. Today in Ireland there two forms of food, the one cooked in the old way and the modern.  So which are the most easily found traditional dishes around the restaurant and pubs in Ireland:

–          The Irish stew is made with mutton or lamb and mix of vegetables, usually potatoes, onions and parsley.

–          The Irish breakfast is a combination of bacon rashers, fried eggs, sausages, white and black pudding, toast and tomatoes.

–          Black pudding  is a sausage made of barley, pigs blood and seasoning

–          White pudding  is a sausage usually made of pork meat and fat and oatmeal

–          Coddle is a dish consisting of pork sausages and back bacon, with potatoes and onions.

–          Soda bread is a form of quick bread, where instead of yeast, baking soda is used.

With Ireland being an island, it is no wonder seafood is very common food here; salmon and cod are popular fish dishes. When eating main meal you should always try the Irish beer, here you can try the best dark and red beers. Traditional desserts are usually in the form of bread, such as Barmbrack and Goody. Ireland is probably most popular for its whiskey, so do not forget to taste it in its homeland, of course at the end of the meal you can have a cup of Irish coffee.


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