Ireland – A Perfect Winter Wonderland

Fancy living a low paced lifestyle far from the madding crowd? Head to Ireland, where an old world charm, unavailable in most developed countries, is on offer. The destination offers pleasant rural vistas, a slow paced life style and friendly people. We know you are looking forward to this when winter comes along, and thus Ireland is for sure a favored destination for many travelers.

Ireland can be a wonderful winter wonderland, with short days and long evenings that make cuddling in front of a fireplace an amazingly romantic idea. You’ll find many attractions open throughout the winter, like places you can visit like the castles, high crosses, stone circles, dolmens and cathedrals.

How Can I Afford a Winter Getaway?

Times are tough, but staying at home is not always the best answer. Instead of getting the winter doldrums, research your financial options to afford a great trip. Your best bet is to look at low APR credit cards, and apply early in the year. These cards will help you keep your balance low and would aid in purchasing your vacation. This way you’ll have financial backup for that winter Irish getaway.

Off-Season Savings

There are many ways to save money while traveling abroad this winter. By deciding to go during the winter, you will also manage to get off-season rates. You can save as much as 50% on hotel accommodations, air travel, and even on transportation costs. Off-season rates coupled with a low APR credit card will make your trip more than affordable.


You may be surprised at what you will find in Ireland during the winter. The mild weather maintains the green countryside, offering a wonderful scenic variety with warm, inviting pubs just around the corner. This is a beautiful time of the year to visit the castle at Kilkenny, or the Rock of Cashel, and the winter starkness offers a scenic vision you have never experienced.


Ireland’s temperatures are relatively mild, as the proximity to the Gulf Stream causes winter temperatures to be milder than in other areas. The average temperatures in January and February are around 7C or 48 degrees Fahrenheit. You will want to pack warm sweaters, a mildly insulated jacket and enough clothing to create removable layers.You may also want to consider bringing rain gear, as these are still rainy months and the average monthly rain fall can be as high as 3 inches.

Ireland could be the perfect Christmas destination featuring wonderful festivals and great outdoor entertainment. Participate as a spectator in the horse races or hunting trips and in the evening enjoy the warm pubs with their lively music and open fires. Ireland can be the perfect winter destination if you’re looking for a homey, friendly and warm destination.

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