India Plans to Promote Mining Tourism



Worldwide, there are various mining centers that promote a new type of tourism around mining, understood as an activity that tends to enhance, disseminate and gain knowledge of the sites, areas and mining and geological regions. This recreational activity can be done passively from the mere contemplation or actively interacting with the appeal.

And while many might sound strange, it has many followers and therefore, the state government of Goa, India, is targeting closed mines to develop various tourist activities based on the proposed mining policy announced by the State Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. He wants to specify an initiative to develop tourism in those sites after the mines have already stopped working.

He claims that the ‘Tourism-related ore will be promoted to raise awareness, educate citizens and provide employment opportunities for local people, considering that the geoparks will be established in the state, whenever this is possible.

The Director of Mines, Prasanna Acharya, said the idea of converting closed mine shafts into lakes is pending. “If the mining companies have planted trees, then we can see if they can be converted intospices farms”.

In order to shape and develop a better concept to promote tourism related to mining, the government will appoint an appropriate consultant.

‘The land, after the closure of mines, could be returned to local management bodies preferably as a common property resource especially for the benefit of the rural poor.



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