The Importance of Pain Management

Pain can be a highly debilitating thing affecting us in both our work and personal lives. Chronic pain can strike various portions of the body, such as the neck and back. When this happens, it is important to develop a strategy that will effectively reduce the discomfort and improve the patient’s quality of life. Otherwise, it is quite possible for a person to become addicted to pain medications which can lead to further problems as the current opioid epidemic demonstrates.

The regimented treatment of such pain issues is known as pain management. Such a treatment program is undertaken under the supervision of a properly qualified physician who will usually recommend a combination of physical therapy and prescription pain medication.

First, the doctor must thoroughly examine the patient in order to identify the exact cause of the problem. This knowledge provides the necessary clues for planning both physical and drug therapy. Detection methods can include fluoroscopy and other types of x-rays that provide the necessary data. The type of pain being experienced can also provide valuable clues as to what needs to be done.

With this knowledge, the doctor can not only tell the patient what they should not be doing, but also what types of physical movement could be beneficial in their recovery. Such exercises are often performed under the supervision of a licensed physiotherapist. These professionals know the human anatomy intimately and can best create a regimen of simple, but highly effective therapeutic exercises.

The Doctor, meanwhile, will prescribe a series of painkillers that will reduce patient discomfort, but avoid becoming habit-forming. It is up to the patient to take the drugs as prescribed and perform their physio exercises regularly and in the correct fashion. This will allow them to heal at a rate that is advisable and likely to provide lasting positive results.

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