How to Get to Transylvania



Romania is a country which has many beautiful medieval towns; the best known are in Transylvania, which is known as “the land beyond the forest”. It has picture-perfect landscape, with mountains and steep wooded valleys, forts and castles with towers for defence whose sharp forms defy the clouds.

Often, the name of Transylvania is confused with the vicissitudes of the literary character invented by Irish writer, Bram Stoker: Prince Dracula. It is linked to Prince Vlad Tepes, an authoritarian and cruel monarch, which soon attracted the hatred of many subjects. Here’s how to visit this mysterious place.

To begin, you should know that the castle was built in the fourteenth century and then in 1900 it passed into the hands of Queen Marie of Romania. Today, it houses an important museum of feudal history. The thing that will surely impress you while reaching the castle is the presence of large blocks of stone with which the castle is made. In addition, you will see four tall towers that surmount the sides of the castle.

Inside, you can admire the Hall of Arms, with armour and crossbows of the sixteenth century, the chapel in Gothic style, and the Music Room, where you can see beautiful pottery in the Baroque style of the seventeenth and eighteenth century from various countries such as Italy, Spain, France and England.




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