How to Eat and Save Money When Dining Out in France

Those of “I Prefer Paris” were confronted with a question that you ask all the tourists when they land moor or park on French soil: how do you not spend a raffle for eating out? Putting aside the hypothesis McD and kebabs, attractive solutions for 1 meal per month, at most, we see the hints and suggestions which are more plausible.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that there is an important conceptual difference between the cards and the menu: the former is what we usually call menu, a list of dishes to choose from. But this is convenient only if we are not going to face a full meal, in this case it is preferable to choose a menu (in the French sense of the word) which usually offers a 2 or 3 course meal at a cheaper price than the same ordered a la carte selection.

Then remember that an entrée is not a first or a full meal, but only a sort of appetizer: if you order only what the waiter will treat you badly and you definitely get up with hunger. Returning to the menu: they are almost always posted outside the door, so check them before you sit down, because often the proposals lunch / dinner hang out but cannot find it on the card, thus losing the possibility of avvalervene; carefully written to the small type “available only at lunch, for dinner only, only in leap years.”

If you are not celebrating anything and do not forget anything, you can save on drinks asking for a pitcher of water: it is good and it’s free unlike the mineral that can be up to 5 euros per bottle. After the meal, if the service was good, leave a small tip: remember to leave cash even if you pay by credit card. For a simple and frugal meal, do not order a soup and a sandwich; ask rather for the dish of the day: ten euros quarried there and you do not have to do the figures.

The last two items are essential: avoid the breakfast at the hotel—unless this is not positioned in a secluded bay overlooking the ocean—because it would cost astronomical sums (up to 10 euros per person) and do not drink Coca Cola, which is certainly the most expensive and least French you can choose.

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