How can you prevent the theft of your rented vehicle

One of the most frequent crimes across the globe, no matter which country you live in, is car theft. In the US alone 737,142 vehicles were stolen in 2010 and that is a loss that comes to the order of $4.5 billion. And while most of us plainly assume “that is not going to happen to me”, you could very well be the next victim of a car theft. Here are five simple and effective steps that will help bring down this risk considerable for your rented car while on a vacation.

Lock your car & carry your keys with you:

Never forget to lock your car and while that might sound like a pretty silly thing to say, many individuals just do not bother about locking when they need to just stop for a couple of minutes and run into the store.

A few seconds are enough to lose your car and always carry your car keys with you. Do not stash a spare underside of the car for emergencies as more than a few people are aware of this trick.

Invest in a vehicle tracking system:

Invest in a sound and able vehicle tracking system, with a GPS unit installed. In case there is a theft, more than 80 percent of vehicles with tracking system in place are recovered safely. With all the technology around, does not hurt to spend a bit on quality tracking service.

Choose where you park:

Park smart if you want to be safe with your car. If you pick a lonely dark corner away from the crowd, then most likely a thief who wants to nab a car will pick your vehicle first. You are in fact, making his job easier! Park in a smart area and be all the more careful in new neighborhoods.

Know what you drive:

And we do not mean the technology that your car carries either. If you are driving a car that is top of the line, then you need to be all the more careful. Just like the shiniest toy is most likely to be stolen in a group of kids, the expensive drives are the sought after targets. Be extra careful if you drive an extra special set of wheels.

Insurance cover helps:

Get an insurance that covers such situations, among many more. You invested all that much in your fancy new car; why not pay a tad bit extra on your premium just to be safe, This will put your worries away.

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