Hiking in Wales


Cymru is the Welsh name for Wales. The capital is Cardiff and Wales also one of the six Celtic nations. The rugged landscape of Wales is characterized by some green moors, hilly landscapes, meadows and mountains. If you want to do an outdoor holiday or wish to pursue the hobby that is far away from home, Wales is the perfect place, as it has rugged landscapes and rugged mountains that are suitable for long and difficult hikes.

Snowdonia, with 1,085 meters in height, is the highest mountain in Wales. Liverpool Bay, Clwyd and the Wye are just a few of the many rivers that run through this land.

The landscape of Wales is so fantastically beautiful as well as contradictory. Wales is located on the coast, some mountains, and green fields that have many hilly routes to offer.

A hiker’s heart could desire nothing more than such a broad range of experience in landscape features. Wales wants to attract hikers, as the distance from place to place is quite far. Yet, its appealing nature takes the stress away. Besides, its great landscapes, Wales showcases castles and a touch of Britain’s history and culture.

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