Help with using and choosing an international courier

Sending a parcel abroad is not as simple as sending a delivery down the road. Your parcel will be handled more, it will take longer to get there, you may need special Shipping Documents and there are more potential delays and hazards. But don’t worry this article should help you understand the issues and ensure your international courier delivery gets there safely and on time.

1. Choosing a courier

There are only four companies in the world that offer reliable global delivery. They are UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT. Using a courier broker that offers the services of these companies can save you up to 80% against the price of going direct. However, you will need to take care in choosing a reliable broker. Check out the reviews at independent review site TrustPilot and buy with confidence.

2. Labelling your parcel

It’s critical that the courier shipping label is securely fastened to the box using a documents enclosed pouch. If the label becomes detached from the package, then your shipment will be lost, and the courier will need to spend time searching for it. It’s also worth while placing your address and the delivery address inside the box so if there is an issue, at least when the box is opened the courier can find out where the goods need to be delivered to.

3. Shipping documents

If you shipping outside of the EU, then you will need to produce customs documentation, these documents enable customers to decide whether the goods you sending our taxable. If you don’t prepare these documents, then it’s likely your package will be delayed and may also incur additional costs. The customs document needs to contain:

  1. An itemised list of the packages you sending along with their value
  2. A statement confirming the reason you’re sending the goods (Such as Gift or Sale)
  3. The total value of the goods being shipped

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