Heavens of South America that You Should Not Miss

We all know that South America is rich of magnificent destinations and it will take your whole life for exploring each place. Coastlines, mountain ranges, and wildlife are among the main appeal of South America which deliver memorable journey. If you do not have much time in exploring each city, then check out the real heavens on earth that you should not miss.


Though Ecuador is the smallest countries in South America, it keeps massive charms for every tourist to explore. Its natural beauty mixes well with the diversity of the culture. Have you ever imagined visiting virgin rainforest, or viewing grandeur active volcanoes? You can witness both of them very well in this country while you can also enjoy the vibrant Indian markets in the downtown area.


Galapagos Islands

This is the true escapism for those who adore an amazing wildlife. Each island is also popular with its magnificent marine life where every beach has abundant arrays of species. Definitely, this is the place for water sport activities like diving, snorkeling and enjoying various species of sharks, sea turtles, and Galapagos turtles in the National Park Tortoise Reserve. Be amazed on the varied arrays of birds which become the magic adornment of the Galapagos Islands’ sky.

(Ecuador) – Galápagos Islands 6


Outdoor activities in Argentina are definitely the most magnificent things to do during summer holidays. After arriving at Buenos Aires, go straight to Patagonia where you can witness all kinds of animals that you might have never seen before. For a more amazing outdoor trip, wonderful marine life in at Puerto Madryn is best to visit during June to December where whales are playing excitingly. Another worth visiting place in Argentina is Torres del Paine National Park. As the home of distinctive wildlife, everyone will find this place incredible.


South America is too broad to explore. So, if you have very limited time, then those three aforementioned destination is surely worth visiting.

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