Hawaii’s Natural Wonders

Climatically and geographically diverse, the islands of Hawaii nurture a range of plant and animal species, as well as housing a wealth of natural wonders. Bountiful and exotic, the discerning traveller can experience a tranquil escape where it is possible to trek through forests, dive beneath the waves, or catch a glimpse of timid wildlife species in their own habitats.


Below we’ve rounded up some of the hotspots for your cheap holidays to Hawaii in 2013.

Towering Peaks

Maui is home to a National Park – Haleakala – where you can discover the highest peak on the island, standing at just over 10,000 feet above sea level. From the visitor area on the top watch the sun cast a beautiful red glow over the land as it sets, or see it rise in the morning for a magically romantic moment where time will almost stand still.

Hawaii’s islands are also brimming with volcanoes such as Diamond Head in Oahu, which provides a popular and short round-trip hike to the summit. Appreciate views across to Waikiki and the surrounding area from the bunkers, and don’t worry, this volcano has been extinct for thousands of years so there’s no chance of an eruption!

Crashing Water

There is nothing quite like the sound of water as it tumbles over large rocks or hits the shoreline, lapping against sandy beaches. Rainbow Falls is a must for anyone exploring the large island of Hawaii and, if you go when the sun shines through the water in the morning, you are likely to see the bright colours of a rainbow as it forms. When the rain is pounding down this waterfall turns into three – magnificent!

For those who prefer something a little more leisurely, why not paddle in the sea on a black, green or white sand beach? Due to the volcanic activity in Hawaii, there are plenty of these around, and Punaluu is one of the most famed for black sands.

Lush Gardens

Hawaii’s rainforests are thick with vegetation and one of the easiest ways to see them is with a tour guide. Head into the Valley of the Rainbows for a paradise of jungle trees where the Lyon Aboretum Botanical Garden sustains a plethora of species. Tropical birds sing in the trees as you walk around learning more about nature and seeing everything from colourful bromeliad blossoms to wondrous orchids.

No matter where you go in Hawaii, make sure you don’t miss the fascinating natural world that surrounds you!

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