Havasu Falls

The Havasu Falls in the middle of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, will delight your senses.

The landscape which contrasts between the imposing surrounding desert, the red soil, and blue-green water is a postcard of a rare beauty. It surely gives you an out-of-the-world experience. The Havasu Canyon Falls owe their color to the high level of calcium carbonate in the water. The color was baptized by the people as “Havasupa i”, meaning “people of the blue-green water.”

Traveling through the canyon, which can only be done on foot or on horseback, we find three waterfalls: the Havasu , which is the most beautiful, whose waters fall from 37 meters high and into a pool which no one can resist entering; the Navajo; and the Mooney which is a mile away. It has a gazebo of 64 meters, where more exhilarating landscapes can be viewed.

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