Harry Potter Park in London


The saga of Harry Potter has enchanted children as well as many adults around the world. Here’s a great news: You can now experience the daring adventures of Harry Potter. Warner Bros has opened a studio in Leavesden, a few miles from London. This film media complex, owned by the Warner Bros., is where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. Warner decided to turn the studios into a theme park dedicated to the school of magic. You can take a magical journey through the landscapes of the film where you can browse through the windows of Diangon Alley, enter the secret study of Albus Dumbledore and that of the evil Dolores Umbridge. You can also see the seats at the Great Hall of Hogwarts and explore the hut of Hagrid. You can also see objects such as Harry’s flying broom and Hagrid’s motorbike. The scenes are made ​​more vivid by the presence of life-size replicas of the characters

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