Go for an exciting Japan Adventure Trip in the Mt. Fuji Region

Japan is one of the richest countries in the world, and that is simply because its people are extremely disciplines and very workaholic. But despite their complete dedication to their country and its development, the Japanese people also know how to have some fun.

Proof of that is the wide range of exciting activities that both local and international tourists can enjoy. The best thing about Japan is that it has been able to effectively mix the past with the present along with the promise of the future.

MT. Fuji

Mt. Fuji – Pride of Japan

Mt. Fuji is undoubtedly the pride of Japan. It represents the physical, spiritual and cultural geographies of this amazing nation. Sanding proudly at 3,776 meters, it is Japan’s tallest mountain and it is an active and sacred volcano believed to be permeated with a certain living spirit. It sits comfortably on Triple Plates of tectonic activity: these are the Amurian Plate, the Okhotck Plate and the Filipino Plate.

Being only 100 km away from Tokyo, Mt. Fuji offers an ideal alternative for sight-seeing tourists who are tired of going through the claustrophobic city of Tokyo. From the first day of July up to the last day of August, this volcano can be climbed at. If trekking up the mountains is not your thing  you can simply visit the Hakone National Park, a nearby park that boasts of numerous natural springs, which offer the most relaxing adventure of all.


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