Go cheap by Air to Venice

Wizz Air is a Hungarian low budget company which offers very cheap flight all around Europe.  You can visit almost all European, 30 in number plus United Arab Emirates. These flights are available in 90 different cities.  Wizz Air offers tickets with incredibly small prices from 10 euro; sometimes you can buy two way tickets from Germany to Greece for around 50 euro, yes that cheap.

But one of the most interesting places to visit with this company is Venice, Italy or the city of Love. Venice is one of the most important destinations in the world; it is a city of art some people and some say this city is a living museum. In Venice you can visit many attractions, like the St. Marco Basilica, the Grand Canal, square St. Marco, the Venetian carnival, Venetian movie festival etc.

Venice attracts most of the tourists in summer season between May and the beginning of October. The 11th day of the carnival In February is also a time when the hotels are full. Airplane tickets and hotels are cheapest in winter, so in this period you can visit Venice with very small budget.

September and November are months when the tourists leave the city. Temperatures are from 1 to 20ºC and you need warmer clothes. In this period hotel prices are quite cheap and the channels are not full like in summer so the city is relaxed and quiet. Winters are not very cold, temperatures vary from 0 – 5 ºC, but when spring comes the city is like paradise. Summer is characterized with great warm weather, high temperatures, high hotel prices, the city is crowded with people and the airplane tickets prices are very high, but with Wizz air you can buy tickets for lesser amount of money compared to other air companies in the world, of course one should know that with higher prices comes higher quality.

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