Girona: Jewel in the North Catalonian Crown

Where are you heading for, this weekend? If you are somewhere around France, we would want to suggest this destination called Girona. Just a stone’s throw away from France, Girona is the perfect place for a memorable weekend. Placed strategically at the confluence of four rivers, the capital of north Catalonia is a charming city offering visitors streets and monuments filled with history, delicious cuisine and outstanding hospitality of its people.

Here are some reasons to discover this little gem of Catalonia:

The Cathedral of Santa Maria

Built between the eleventh and thirteenth century, at the highest point of the city, the Cathedral of Santa Maria is famous for having the widest Gothic nave in the world, with a width of 22.98 m. It consists of several architectural styles, including the novel, the Gothic and Baroque. Charlemagne Tower, the cloisters trapezoidal and the carpet of Creation, preserved in the Cathedral Museum, form the essential richness of this beautiful monument.

Jewish quarter

The Jewish quarter or Call Jueu, is a tangle of medieval streets, located in the middle of the old part of town. It is considered one of the best preserved of the world and the largest in Spain. Very easy to explore on foot, the narrow cobbled streets still invoke the life and history of the pre- 1492 Jewish people , until they were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula. It includes the remains of Kabbalistic schools, the old synagogue, small shops and many antique shops. Call north of Mount Montjuïc stands.

A walk along Onyar

The Onyar River divides the historic center of Girona. A stroll along the quays introduces the visitor to a row of picturesque houses with colorful facades. The Stone Bridge dating from 1849 is certainly the best view to watch this charming town with its ocher roofs that extend far. And near the river, a few outstanding examples of Catalan Modernism signed Rafael Maso, such as flour, Maison Teixidor or Punxa.

The Lleona

At number 19 rue Calderers, you get to encounter the famous Lleona (lioness) Stone, one of the beasts that inhabit the many stories and legends related to the city. This is a medieval statue representing a lion perched on a column facing the river. Tradition has it that every traveler must pass behind the kiss for luck smiled at him. Woe to him who does not visit this symbol, the most revered in the city!

Celler de Can Roca

Girona also offers one of the most intense gastronomic experiences. If you love good food and are willing to spend a little money, El Celler de Can Roca is the destination awaiting you. Three times Michelin-starred, this restaurant specializes in traditional Catalan cuisine. The three Roca brothers opens the way to a  gastronomic adventure, where traditional dishes perfectly meet the new kitchen. This restaurant with a glass triangular garden is decorated in minimalist style and sports  elegance, simplicity and taste. An ideal setting to enjoy life.  You need to book in advance, if you have plans to be there.

Sea or mountain?

Finally, for those lucky enough to spare more days for the holidays, excursions to the countryside could be a good option. Girona is located in a prime spot close to the Pyrenees, and is also close to the Costa Brava. Offering Tan in summer, skiing in winter, the capital of Catalonia north excels in pampering visitors!

Girona is an amazing town. It’s actually a perfect destination for a weekend break. Airport Girona-Costa Brava, just 5 minutes from downtown, offers cheap flights. Book your ticket and find this gem of Catalonia. We are sure you will not be disappointed!

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