Ginza: The World’s Most Expensive Area

When traveling to Tokyo, it is impossible not to visit the cosmopolitan of Japan. This is the district of Ginza, located in the district of Shinjuku.

The name Ginza means “place of silver” and several centuries ago, it used to be a swampy, sparsely populated territory. Today, it is famous for the concentration of department stores, boutiques, and expensive restaurants.

In 1872, urbanization was destroyed by fire and the rebuilding of this area was given to the English architect, Thomas Waters, who proposed to construct buildings of two and three stories. He also proposed to construct a shopping promenade on the street to link Shinbashi with the Kyobashi bridge. Today, small buildings have given way to modern and impressive skyscrapers belonging to various corporate centers and  transnational companies such as Sony. Once you enter the Sony building, you’ll love to see samples of the latest audio, video, camera, play station, and other cutting-edge electronic products.

If you love shopping, this will be paradise for you. The place is considered the most exclusive in Japan and one of the most expensive in the world, so make sure you bring a lot of cash. Can you believe that the price per square meter of land is 10 million Yen or € 70,000 euros?

Check out the Wako store, where the iconic watch of your building will impact you. You must check out stores like Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya, Matsuya, Printemps, Seibu, and Hankyu where you will see a wide selection of exclusive items.

As you walk through this area, you may feel like you are walking in the streets of Europe.

At night, you’ll find lots of partying in bars, clubs, nightclubs, and cabarets that are illuminated by neon lights and giant multicoloed screens.



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