Galicia: The Spanish Gem



Spain is a diverse country, rich in beautiful landscapes. Among those places, Galicia stands out despite being a destination less frequented by tourists. In fact, the region to the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula has a unique and extraordinary charm, especially while traveling by car. After the sunny plains of the center, you can see green forests, steep mountains and rivers. A trip to this place will surely be memorable.

Looking at the coast, you will be struck by the wild beauty of the high rugged coastline, cut by the majestic “rias”, deep fjord like inlets.  “Rias” is also where most of the villages are focused, which are inhabited by people who are mainly dedicated to fishing and tourism. The beaches of Galicia are among the favourite destinations for surfers and I could easily see why even without being a great surfer myself. The beaches are so good that they could even be compared with the some of the greatest American beaches.

However, Galicia does not only offer beautiful landscapes but also a city rich in art and history. It is rightly considered as a World Heritage Site, such as the La Coruna. The main town of Galicia is famous for its Las Galerias, the Theatee and the Tower of Hercules Rosalia, the oldest lighthouse still in operation, and the Colosseum.Inside, you will be completely overwhelmed by the pressure of these ancient grounds. Also, do not miss the Santiago de Compostela, which is the end point of the ancient journey of faith from Roncesvalles in the heart of the Pyrenees, winding through streets full of ancient history. The magnificent Gothic cathedral houses at the tomb of St. John and along the entire old city were rightly declared a World Heritage UNESCO Unit. It felt so great seeing all these places up close and examining them.



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