Four Caves with Blue Waters


In Brazil, Italy or Greece, there are examples of caves covered with crystal clear water where the effect of light makes them look like an intense blue hue. In one of them, the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) in Capri, the sea appears to be lit under water.

1. The Blue Lake Cave, Brazil

The Blue Lake Cave is a cave covered by the waters of a lake. The particularity of the place are its colors and the landscape that seems magical. It is located in the vicinity of Nice, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, a city famous for its natural attractions and ecotourism.

2. A cave with blue lake in Greece

I think the images illustrate very well. Melissani is a cave on the island of Cephalonia, northwest of Sami in Greece. While in the external environment, the forest covers the slopes of a mountain that reaches the sea, the coast guard a silent place with natural light and shadow effects and transparency of the water, it is a staging of nature spectacular.

3. The Blue Grotto, Italy

It seems that someone has placed blue lights under water, had the image go through Photoshop. But the reality is that, none of this is necessary. The Blue Grotto is a natural spectacle on the island of Capri as simple as surprising light entering from the outside is refracted into the water in the cave with a blue dramatically effect.

4. A Blue Cenote, Mexico

In Yucatan, Mexico, there vnumerous cavities known as dolines, sinkholes or depressions in karst relief. The Yucatan peninsula is one of the world’s highest number of cenotes . One of the most photogenic is the Dzitnup cenote, which is 2 kilometers from the city of Valladolid, also known as the Blue Cave.


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