Five Places to See in Hong Kong

What are the best places to visit in Hong Kong? This question could even outfox many a seasoned traveler. Worry not. Here we will explain to you the top five attractions of this bustling and ever growing Chinese city.

You can start at Kowloon side of Victoria Harbor. The light shows provided by the projectors placed on top of tall buildings enhance the beauty of the harbor. After a walk, there is nothing better than a cup of tea and cakes in the halls of the rich and luxurious Peninsula Hotel.

Once you’re filled up, you can indulge in shopping in the magical city that is considered very competitive for shopping. After collecting a fine series of shoes, dresses, and other fabulous finds, you can treat yourself to a spiritual moment to Tian Tan Buddha Monastery and admire the giant statue of Buddha. You can also head to the Chi Lin Nunnery, to lose yourself in bonsai lotus flowers.

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