Fish River Canyon in Namibia

The fish river canyon despite being the second largest canyon in the world after the America’s Grand Canyon forms a great site to see. This astonishing grandeur has ravine that stretches for 160 kilometers and has width of up to 27 kilometer and also 550 meters in some areas. The fish river which is the longest river in Namibia flows in the belly of the ravine.


The hiking trail

The hiking trail at the fish river canyon of Namibia is one of the most famous hiking trails in southern Africa. The rough terrain and the immense scale have made the hiking trail to attract numerous tourists to experience what the canyon has to offer. The visitors are expected to carry their own basic needs as there are no ready amenities along the hiking trail.

Wildlife and birds

The fish river canyon usually has various species of animals which includes the mountain zebra, Kudu and the wild horse. This great canyon has various prolific birdlife which has over 60 species of birds.

The ultra marathon at fish river canyon

The unofficial running which takes place through the canyon has developed into the annual ultra marathon. The marathon usually follows the current track of hiking trail and is aimed at testing the ability of the athlete to endure extreme conditions. Since the area is remote, the athletes of the ultra marathon are expected to have their own supplies of sufficient nutrients and gears. The water is usually sourced from the fish river which is just close by the track.

The fish river canyon offer the best place for sporting and hike trailing in Namibia. The tour around the canyon is fascinating with the different activities that make the entire trip worth every dollar.

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