Few good to fly suggestions

Greece is country situated in the south-east part of Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, it is known by the rich historical heritage, great beaches and food. The best thing about Greece is that you can always arrange airplane tickets and go there to have some rest. The best place in Greece is the biggest island of their territory and that’s Crete. This island is situated very near to North Africa comprising with the other islands. Crete can offer you great beaches, many bazaar streets, thousands of tourists, hotels and a great vacation.


Second place to go by air is Turkey. Last 5 years the number of tourists in Turkey is tripled. Airplane tickets for Turkey are never too expensive and can be found in every air travel company. Kushadasi is the most beloved tourist attraction in Turkey. This tourist place will offer you many attractive beaches, restaurants, Turkish, Italian and incredible sea food. Also you can try the taste of one of the best coffees in the world; you can smoke narghile with different fruit aromas. Night live in here is very active, you will find tons of people no matter the hour and the night clubs work till the dawn.

Other very interesting place to visit by air is Vienna. This is a city with very rich past and cultural attractions. The best way to lookout Vienna is to use the network of the city transport. Vienna is a city of squares and streets and the most amazing buildings. The city is like you are 200 hundred years back in time. Hotels can be found with different prices, restaurants offer very nice food from different countries and the best thing is as a metropolis city Vienna is not very expensive to visit. There are many low budget companies that go to Vienna, so travel to Austria with a plane is the best thing to do.

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