Fairy Chimneys in Bryce Canyon

Lonely fairy chimneys, fairy chimneys in the sea, or fairy chimneys in the middle of a forest. All these formations have something in common: they seem to be the scenery of a fantastic landscape.

The fairy chimneys have other names. They are sometimes called as “hoodoos”, even sometimes wrongly called as “pinnacles”. Fairy chimneys are also known as “penis petra” that is characterized by a variable thickness, sometimes like a totem, crowned by a larger rock formation that serves as shelter to erosion. They are typical landscapes also known as the wastelands and drylands.

In the Bryce Canyon, fairy chimneys measure up to 45 meters high, and are plentiful on the planet. The Bryce Canyon is located in the southwestern part of Utah. The visual spectacle can be impressive. The “hoodoos” of the site can reach a height equivalent to a 10-story building, which adds to the variety of colors depending on the height, accentuated by a wide sedimentation.

The Bryce Canyon is a perfect destination for people who loves to go trekking and hiking. All the sweat and thirst will all be worth it when you see such a breathtaking scenery.


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