Facebook or Twitter?

Social media has revolutionized the way we meet and keep in touch with both the people in our lives and  vendors that advertise their products online.


Although MySpace came first, the two predominant social networks are Facebook and Twitter. While they both essentially do the same thing, they do it in different ways, and that has helped to make one preferable to some people, though there are also quite a few that regularly use both.

The king of the social networks, Facebook is also the one that really laid the groundwork for social media as we know it. An early version debuted in February 2005, while the version we know now appeared online in September 2006. Twitter preceded it by two months.


While Facebook posts had a word limit that was fairly restricted, that has now changed. Thus, if you have a lot to say and don’t want to break it up over multiple posts, Facebook is a better choice than Twitter, which has a 140 character limit.


In order to connect with someone on Facebook, you must be approved by that person, unless their account is set to Public, which means anyone can view it at any time. You can follow anyone on Twitter without permission, unless they block you. For those wishing to have more privacy options, Facebook has more settings than Twitter, which only has Private and Public.


Facebook uses an algorithm that aims to make the posts you see line up with areas of interest, while Twitter does not, meaning that you will be exposed to a wider variety of information.


If your aim is to connect with people you already know, you will find more of them on Facebook as it has the bigger user base.  If you would like to meet new people, and not worry about having the same degree of social connection with them, Twitter is the one for you.

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