Entering the Forbidden City



In our minds, the Forbidden City is a myth, a symbol of a distant fairytale world, and not a real place to travel. The center of power of the imperial China, however, is a place so beautiful and is certainly one of the greatest assets of humanity. It spreads over 700 thousand square kilometers, virtually a city within a city.

Zijin Cheng (Purple City) was formed by a collection of palaces, temples and buildings, enclosed by massive walls, in which lived the imperial family. The Forbidden City was built in 1406 by the order of the Ming emperor Zhu Di when he moved the capital back to Beijing, and until 1911 was the residence of 24 monarchs.

The area is surrounded by massive walls, about 10 meters high, with massive towers guarding the four sides, and a wide moat. To access the most important areas, you must first pass the main entrance, the Meridian Gate, and then the Gate of Supreme Harmony. At this point you are in the famous square, immortalized in countless films, where the military parades and most important celebrations take place. On the square lies the Palace of Supreme Harmony, a terrace bank built of stone, which is 40 meters high, and is the tallest building and imposing throughout the Forbidden City.

In fact, it was here that the most important ceremonies and arguments between the Emperor, sitting on the imposing golden throne, and his dignitaries were held.



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